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What words or concepts do not belong in commercials?

Asked by wundayatta (58525points) October 23rd, 2012

Like gingivitus. Now there’s a word that sounds slimy and illegal. It just makes you squirm. Some people might like squirming, but let’s not get into odd sexual practices.

Is there a word or concept in a commercial that makes you squirm? Come on. Spill!

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Toe fungus grosses me out.

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hemorrhoidal tissue.

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The concept of the disposable diaper expanding when the babies poop. Albeit an animated commercial, I think it is wrong in sooo many ways.

Some of the tampon commercials are too much.

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Cataracts (or any problems regarding eyes)

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There’s a series of adverts in Hong Kong recently by credit card/lending agencies which basically seem to promote rampant consumerism. In this age of environmental crisis, I think it is quite irresponsible to promote such spending. Here’s an example.

I also find slimming/plastic surgery ads around the city are quite offensive. It brainwashes women to think that they are valued only if they are thin, leading to all sorts of body issues, etc. This one is a mainland Chinese commericial but there are conceptually similar ones around here. The final tagline reads: “You should lose some weight.”

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Call your doctor if you experience an erection lasting longer than 4 hours.

Why do they show these commercials during the middle of the day during NFL games? Ok, I know why these commercials air at this time, but it grosses out my 8 year old daughter when we watch games together. I’m no prude, but 4 hour erection discussions don’t need to be mentioned in front of grade school children who still think boys have cooties.

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4 hour erection, tampons, napkins, douche, hemorrhoid anything. I’m not a prude, but TV should be rated “G”

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How about the word ’‘squirming’’?

I like squirming.

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Doesnt gross me out or anything like that but I’m so sick of this idea that bears shitting is somehow cute…. there is nothing cute about shitting, especially shitting bears.

And wtf is “we all go, so why not enjoy the go?” seriously?

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@uberbatman Agreed with you there. Toilet paper commercials always weirded me out but it’s hard to explain. They always show stuff like flowers, tell you how soft the paper is, or as you say, have cute bears taking dumps…they make toilet paper commercials all cute and homey, but they’re advertising something that, in the end, you stick up your ass and cover with shit. I mean I can understand why they’d want to make it look appealing, and brag about triple layers and stuff, but I just always found it odd.

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Oh also, low price.

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Public awareness commercials piss me off. Which isn’t the same as squirming but they illicit a strong dislike.

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Cigarettes, alcohol.

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Burger munching fat fucker?

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I think all prescription drug commercials are a waste. The required legal disclaimer laugh track is longer than the actual drug description and they always end with see your doctor.
The drug always has a name like a new third world country: Zimbalta, Runestra, Brialis.
Why waste the money?

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“clinically proven”

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I’m with @LuckyGuy

The commercials that bug me are for prescription drugs – things we can’t just go to the store a buy, but pay for the privilege of asking a doctor his opinion on whether we should have this thing.

Frankly, if I’m paying for someone’s opinion on which medicine I am going to take, I’ll take their opinion, and the commercial is a waste of time. Frankly, I don’t have erectile dysfunction or diabetes, but you can bet your arse that if I ever come down with either I’ll be consulting with a doctor who knows all about the drugs.

Also, I hate commercials that flagrantly promote gender discrimination – like that damned Kingsford Matchlight commercial that makes the dude look like a complete idiot because he can’t light a grill. Same goes for every baby commercial or house cleaning product on the planet: “Ooh, why do I bother with this man, they’re so clumsy/messy/incapable of changing a diaper.” Like there isn’t a person with a Y chromosome on the planet that has ever cleaned a toilet or raised a child without the help of June Fucking Cleaver.

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Another thing I hate is the small print on any ad that is flashed up on the screen faster than anyone can read it. “Get the new XYZ Oddity for only $289 per month!!!” Then in small print the caveats are flashed on the screen for 500 milliseconds: ” Must take delivery by yesterday. Approved LGBT buyers only. Interest rates and finance charges are estimates and dependent upon the rainfall for the previous week. Vehicle trade-in value of $12,000 or greater. $5,000 down with soul of first born child due upon signing.” The information is totally meaningless.

All car ads should be required to display a Present Value Price. That way customers can intelligently evaluate purchasing, financing or leasing options intelligently. (I won’t hold my breath)
I completely ignore ads that show fine print – even if I was initially interested in the product. It is my common sense rule for avoiding sleaze bags.

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@Seek_Kolinahr I love that you brought up the whole men are stupid stereotype. You seem to see more and more of it in commercials and tv lately. I find it kinda of funny though because if it were against women there would be protests over it and the whole nine but somehow it became ok to be totally sexists against men. What do you see on most sitcoms now-a-days? Smokin hot intelligent woman married to a fat retarded man. It just blows my mind.

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I. Hate. Sitcoms.

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likewise lol

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