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How do you celebrate little (big) victories?

Asked by bookish1 (13110points) October 23rd, 2012

How do you Jellies like to celebrate special occasions in your life? I’m not talking holidays here, I’m talking… getting a job or a promotion, finishing a project you’ve put lots of effort into, taking a big first step or overcoming a challenge.

I guess my favorite is Chinese food or pizza, and beer. Sometimes even cheap champagne! I’ve been trying to think of motivation to get through the next two months of grant writing, and I’m definitely going to have myself another tattoo when I get that grant ;)

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I buy clothes, but I think you’re a guy and that might not motivate you as much as me.

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A special dinner out. Favorite Choices: Morrocan; Northern Chinese; Northern Italian;
Northern Indian; Seafood; French. When we can’t decide which, it’s steak at home.

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@Judi: Whuhhh, guys can’t like clothes? You should see my closet…

@Sunny2 : Sounds like the right decision no matter what ;)

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This is when we buy Grolsch instead of the usual Old Milwaukee and good pizza from our favorite pizza place instead of frozen Tombstone pizzas.

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Raise my axe to the sky and sing my songs of blood and fire Usually buy something special for dinner, or go get a huge coffee at Tim Horton’s.

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@bookish1, my hubby is a regular fashonisto.

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Oh man, well….sometimes the inner satisfaction is enough, but being a self indulgent type, well….it could be anything, food, champagne, clothes, treating everyone. I’m terrible, really I am! I can justify anything! lol

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I really try to avoid food rewards because I have to literally work my ass off to keep my weight reasonable.

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I indulge in an event; comedian, play, musical, or something else that most of my friends would avoid and would normally not indulge in, seeing as I would be experiencing it alone.
I usually have fun without friends, or find someone to be friendly with there. But there is always a chance I won’t and I have been trying to grow my savings also it’s not an indulgence if you always say yes to yourself.

Good luck on the grant!

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Depends on the size of the project. Little things might be cooking a special dinner.

Big things -

Finishing my degree and getting my first pay check – bought myself a set of Waterford crystal wine glasses.

Completing my PhD – A bottle of French Champagne – bought myself an expensive camera.

Being awarded my PhD – Another bottle of Champagne.

Getting my current job – More champagne and a special dinner (a couple of times with different friends).

I just got a grant – I haven’t done anything yet. More champagne I think.

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Spanish tapas and sangria at this restaurant called Boqueria. At night when the sexy crowd is in. : )

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I usually just jump up and down like a 4 year old. Dancing around in the kitchen, hugging my husband and/or kids. :)

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Whenever I beat my golfing buds, I like to rip the piss out of them whilst downing the pint they just bought me.

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Gosh I realized I never reward myself for anything! I need to think about this.

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Oh, it’s always changing.

Sometimes I’ll treat myself to a trip to the used bookstore. Sometimes it’s a Saturday afternoon at Sweet Tomatoes (gods, I love that place!). When I’m really feeling accomplished, I try to buy myself a new pair of shoes, then realised how depressed I get when I actually start trying shoes on, and head off to the thrift store to find vintage dresses instead.

I think a tattoo is going to be my Festivus present to myself this year.

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