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What is your favorite animal?

Asked by elchoopanebre (3074points) June 5th, 2008

Mine is definitely a panda.

But my favorite pet has to be a dog.

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If jelly fish were cute and had glasses like the Fluther logo, however, they would move up in the ranks.

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either a buffalo or an elephant

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Giant squid.

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T-Rex. They’re just so lovable.

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@willbrawn- Man I agree. Bears are the way to go!

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Tigers. Just love the way they look, and everything about them. Next would be a lion. So I guess a Liger or a Tigon (hybrid of both) would be my true favorite. Once I get passed the whole sterile thing.

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I would have to say this narcoleptic cat is pretty cool.

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my doggies. all seven of them.

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Aaahahahaha! I change my vote to trogdor’s cat!

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Tigers are magnificent.

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peacock or platypus

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Prob the rare and elusive Icarus.

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Pekingese !!

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The Basselope.

Unfortunately, they are now extinct due in part to a Depart of Defense program to weaponize the species; similar to the Navy’s program that used dolphins to clear undersea mines.

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ps – on the main page, i read your question and this one right above it together and so I read “What is the best way to get over your favorite animal?” I think I need a break from fluther….

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@ xyzzy- excellent Bloom County salute!!! We do indeed have a Basselope Gap

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The mantis shrimp is crazy, something that has a strike with the same force as a 22 caliber bullet, is something you don’t mess with!

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@trogdor I have one, he is awesome. Still pretty small though only about 4in but hes still young. By adult size he will be around 8in and thats when he gets his really deadly strike.

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Cats, large and small. They are smart, have their own personalities, and kittens are the best entertainment around.

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Is the pic that you linked your Peacock Mantis Shrimp? And yes he is awesome!

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Nah trogdor thats not mine, just one i found online. The picture i linked to is an almost adult size one. They also get a lot more colorful with each molt, so thats why mine still looks kind of brownish instead of a green tail.

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Wolves are usually my prime choice, but I do love platypuses.

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I like…..



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i would have to say dogs. although i’m afraid of them. but they seem cute.

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