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Recently my body has been rejecting sugar; what does this mean?

Asked by serenityNOW (3631points) October 24th, 2012

Sometimes instantly… I had some reese’s peanut butter cups the other day and had to evacuate my bowels almost instantly. In that case, maybe it was too much – those mini’s are addictive. However, the other day I had a single peppermint paddy (sp?) and I felt ill for hours. So, I was thinking maybe just all that refined sugar was the culprit. But now, I just had some dried cranberries (not too many) and I’m all bloated.
I have cut a lot of sugar out of my diet… maybe I’m just super-sensitive now? Frustrating, because it’s nice to have a treat now and then. What gives?

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It could be corn syrup. Things that used to contain sugar have been replaced with corn syrup. My grandson is allergic to corn and has to avoid most junk food because of it.
Another thought is that they might be using some other alternative recently that you are allergic to. I heard that the droughts have caused a corn shortage and they are feeding cows out of date candy. Maybe they are sweetening fresh candy with something new that you react badly to. Have you checked the labels?

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Don’t rule out GMO stuff. People are starting to develop severe reactions to foods manufactured with GMO foods, but they find they can eat non-GMO foods with no problem.

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@snowberry , I have a friend who thought she was allergic to wheat. We went on a trip to canada together and the bread looked so good she had to eat it. She didn’t have any problem with it there. The must use a different wheat source.
Does canada have disclosure laws about GMO’s?

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I’ve been having similar issues lately. My wife has told me to stop consuming fructose—not just hfcs, but apples and pears and a whole list of fruits that people who are allergic to fructose shouldn’t eat. Fortunately, there are fruits it is ok to eat. But you have to stay away from anything with corn syrup in it.

I am not convinced this is my problem. If it is, I will be very sad, because I love apples. But I haven’t had an apple nor a corn syrup product in almost a week, and my stomach is improving, though not better. We’ll see.

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I just want to suggest that maybe you have IBS (irritable bowel syndrome).
I have all the same symptoms and have the syndrome. I have just recently started a probiotic called Align and have been doing extremely well. I was skeptic at first but I have now had almost no flare ups of IBS. It cost me about 35can$ a month. Good luck to you.

BTW @Judi Canada does not have a law for gmos, altho I know there is a guy in Toronto who is trying to petition that these are displayed in the ingredients (currently they are not)

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@nofurbelowsbatgirl Does that have acidophilus in it? My wife has had me on acidophilus for a few days now.

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These candies have many other ingredients that may in themselves be responsible for your digestive problems. If you are concerned about diabetes or problems processing sugar, consult your physician. Consulting a nutritionist may be helpful.

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