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Could you help me design a balanced diet with everything the body needs?

Asked by poisonedantidote (21611points) October 24th, 2012

I am trying to design a diet for me to follow, and could use a hand.

I am not trying to create a diet to lose weight for a week then quit, instead I am looking to create a balanced diet, that can fit in to a week long time table.

Can you think up any food ideas for a day, that include breakfast, lunch, dinner and a snack, and that still remain in the 1600 to 2000 calories range?


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Follow the USDA MyPlate website. This has a tracking and planning segment.

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If you are not trying to lose weight, why do you only want 1600 calories?

Far better than Fluther, you should follow an already established, medically sound plan. Here is the Mayo Clinc’s eating plan.

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Cook for Good has 7 day menus. Lots of variety and no junk food. Also they are designed to be cheap!

For example – Menu: Cook for Good Summer Challenge, Week 2

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@marinelife I would drop down to 1600 calories on days that I am working on the computer and not moving much.

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Basde on your age and health, a trained nutritionist is the best source of advice on such matters. In Canada, most of us can consult one without cost.

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I don’t know if you would be receptive to this but Ultrametabolism by Dr. Mark Hymen has a very good plan. It includes a shopping list has several weeks so you don’t get bored and bypasses the odd little combo’s like not carb loading in the morning or combining protein with fruits etc. Slipping my mind what the term is for that. I believe you can access the menu on Dr. Hymen’s site for free, but they also have it in book form.

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11 calories per pound to maintain your weight, (since I think you’re a guy) so if you weigh 160 that’s about right.
Breakfast- ⅓ Cup (before cooking) oatmeal, 1 fruit, 1 c non fat milk approximately 300 calories
Snack: 1 cup of carrots 50 calories
Lunch: chopped salad. All the veggies you want. Fat free dressing, ½ cup of beans, small roasted chicken breast, dinner roll, ½ tablespoon of butter 400 Calories
Snack- 1 C frozen strawberries, 1 banana, 1 C non fat milk, artificial sweetener blended into a shake. Add ice if needed. 175 calories
Dinner- 6 oz broiled Filet minion, multi vegetable salad, non fat dressing, dinner roll, ½ C chocolate ice cream. 700 calories.
Ok, I was 25 calories over but the ice cream was worth it, and since you’re a guy, you really have a few extra anyway.

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