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Who is the latest cat lover to reach 20K?

Asked by chyna (40003points) October 24th, 2012

It’s Buttonstc! Let’s all have a round of applause for this wonderful contributor and cat lover!

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Congratulations, @Buttonstc! A wonderful achievement!

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Ah Buttons – you come, you go, you come back again. I love you sooo much; I forgive you. You are brilliant, knowledgeable and a great writer. So glad you’ve stuck around.

Mazel Tov on the 20K – elusive friend!

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Yay! Congrats!

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Oh shit, I was hoping it was me! Come on, people!

<sigh> Congratulations to another cat lover, rah rah, chocolate pancakes with whipped cream and all that… Kidding, only kidding! Many congrats to you, and well deserved!

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Woo hoo! Congratulations!

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Congratulations! You’re one of my favorite jellies, and I hope you stick around for a long time. Keep on keepin’ on! :-)

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Congrats @Buttonstc! You’re a great jelly!

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Congrats @Buttonstc. Love your answers. (I was too slow)

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Congo Rats Buttonistic! You are a terrific contributer here! WTG!

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Cheers! Here, have a nice big plate of salmon and venison, call in the kitties to share.
20k is more than a little taste of the wild in the vast wilderness of fluther.

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Congrats to one of my favorite
<————- felinophiles and 20K Congo rats to your kitty(s)!

Did your new air conditioner help to keep you cool this summer?

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Hoorayyy! 20K Cheers and Congratulations.

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One of my favorite Jellies and of course, it’s a cat lover! Congrats on the 20k and I, too, am glad you are part of this site!

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Nicely done. You’ve always been a positive presence here on Fluther and I hope you stay around for 20k more.

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Another one! It’s like everybody is pregnant too! Congratulations!!

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* * * Y * A * Y * * * CONGRATULATIONS ! ! ! GOOD WORK ! ! ! * * * Y * A * Y * * *

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Boy, the fur’s really gonna fly now.

Ni ::ack:: Ni ::aack:: Nic ::aaaaaaacckkk:: N-Nice Job!!

sorry, hair ball

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I like my new Great Answer feed:


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Yikes ! I go out for dinner and come back to a party breaking out. Thanks to everybody.

Thanks for hosting, Chyna. Since you just recently arrived, I hope you saved a room next to yours? Then our pets can play together. I love doggies too.

@chocolate-Don’t worry. You’re right on my heels. I’ll hold the door open and reserve a place for you. We’ll just make sure the pets don’t get into your chocolate, OK?

@Adirondack-asleep at the switch, eh?

@jan-in spite of my mental health breaks, I’m pretty much resigned to being a Fluther lifer. I’ll likely be here till they shut the lights off for good.

@Brian-Thanks to your timely advice, Smoochie and I had a cool summer.

@blondes jon-well, I try. But sometimes it’s not all that easy, ha ha.

Thanks to all of you guys. You’re terrific and what makes Fluther so great.

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DOOO DAH? lolol

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Spoony THE Cat and I both congratulate you on reaching 20K Lurve and may this be just the beginning of all the great things true cat lovers deserve.

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Congratulations, @Buttonstc! I’m so glad you’re here. :)

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Oh, I’m so late! I’m glad you all started without me. I bring late, but sincere congratulations. And 10 gallons of pumpkin ice cream. Do we have room for it in the frizzer?

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Congratulations @Buttonstc. I always enjoy your contributions but especially your technology posts. You have such a lot of knowledge in this area and I find your contributions so useful. Well done on your 20K.

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I’m just posting for the sake of kitty kontinuity. ;-p

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Hey, congratulations!

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20 cheers to you, Buttonstc! Congratulations!! Your screen name is one I’m not sure how to vocalize—at a glance, I call you “Button Stick” (or Button’s Tick); but I’m now leaning toward Buttons Tee Cee. Regardless, your buttons are brilliant.

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Hey @Buttonstc Conngrats on the 20k. Just for the record I pronounced your name “Buttons T C ” as in TopCat

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Are you sure you haven’t gotten me confused with somebody else? I’m one of the biggest technotards around :)

@Sunny2. Ice cream all around sounds great. It’s an uncharacteristically warm day today where I am (Mich.)

@Picante. The second option is the correct one.

And for any still puzzling a little about my SN. When I first began registering for various sites over 10 yrs. ago, the Internet was already getting crowded enough for plain Buttons to already be taken by somebody else.

So, I added my middle and last initials (tc) which stands for Buttons (The Clown). Just think of the old joke about: What’s Smokey The Bear’s middle name :)

But @LuckyGuy, I think I like your version even better. Maybe I’ll use that from now on :)

Everybody at this party is terrific. Thanks guys.

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ConCATulations! :)

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Congratulations :)

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Yes, I’m sure. When I say ‘technology’ I am talking very broadly but in recent weeks you have posted about radio mics, about Google, about iPhones and when you do you give very useful, practical information. I find that a common trait for your posts generally. So, for a technotard, you make a lot of sense – often.

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And I wasn’t too late


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Hip hip hooray! Way to go Buttons !
(like @LuckyGuy to me your handle seems like buttons T C).

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It’s never too late. Sincere thanks to all of you.

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Cute as a button…...........well done!

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