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Why is it the "absorb" ends in b but "absorption" has a p in it?

Asked by AstroChuck (37566points) June 5th, 2008 from iPhone

Why? Any other words like this?

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Because English is a stupid f’ing language.

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or because absorBtion just doesn’t sound as good.
i am waiting for the gail to tell us the real reason

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To trick us and embarass us infront of others.

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The Gail has closed her language clinic for the night.

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So, in other words, you have no idea.

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because thats the way god made it.

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So AstroChuck will have something to ponder?
How come you can be disgruntled but not gruntled?

Actually, AC, yet another gold star, that is a VERY good question.

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I should know something about disgruntled. I’m a postman. And don’t get me started on flammable and inflammable.

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@ AC – you mean inflammAble. :)

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Our postman is very gruntled because we have an NDCBU that opens from the front. It makes life much easier for him.

I clean it for him once a year, no kidding. More often if the pigeons have their way.

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Astro: you must never put words into my mouth :-d . PnL got it, I think. The b sound next to the t sound is hard for the English-speaking palate, tongue and voice box. If superb was a verb, its noun would clearly be superption, suburb* would be suburption, etc. However, burp has me stymied.

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Sorry. I meant no disrespect. I think of you as Fluther royalty. I used to teach English, although that was some time ago. Can’t say I’ve heard of the word suburption though. Can you use it in a sentence?

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Joking, ducks. I invented superption, suburption, and possibly The Color Burple.

The irregular parts of our language are odd, as we know. Little kids try to make all verbs regular; hence; I brang my blankie, or the bee stanged me.

Tottering to bed. Or to bep.

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It’s because the words are borrowed from Latin and retain some features of Latin morphophonology.
Latin absorb─ôre, past participle absorptus, noun absorptio

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