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What do you want to do before you die?

Asked by Mama_Cakes (9824points) October 25th, 2012

Give me a couple things that you plan on doing. Not pipes dreams.

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See Alaska and the Pacific Northwest
Get more fluent in French
Have a fulfilling love relationship

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Move to a dry climate. I think before long it is going to be a must. It is my hope it will at least help to solve two problems at the same time. All else would be doable then.

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Move to a less congested, less urban environment.

Travel more. Greece and Turkey are on my list.

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Kiss a tiger on the nose and ruffle its scruff.

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Visit Ireland, find my father, participate in a threesome, try mushrooms, dance naked around a bonfire, become a published author… Meet my grandchildren,

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See the look on everyone’s faces….

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Make a much needed contribution to contemporary French history.
Grow a friggin beard.
Make sweet sweet love to that breathtakingly beautiful little Parisian man again. And put him in my pocket, but that’s probably a pipe dream right there.
Escape the States.

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Visit Madagascar. I probably won’t, but I’d like to. I’ve done so many more things in my life than I ever imagined, that I have no pressing wishes to do more.

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@bookish1 I had no idea that you were a dude.

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When I was in my early 20’s, I made up a list of 100 things to do before I die. Been checking them off ever since. :)

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@Mama_Cakes : Uh, thanks. Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!

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Travel more, especially to Ireland and Scotland.
Gain more control over my temper.
Orgasm while eating pancakes.

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Grow old dis-gracefully.

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@ucme I think that’s already happening to you.

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God, I hope so!

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So many things!

To find peace, to laugh more, to have fun, to play again.

and I will :)

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1) Buy a property where I can have at least a couple of elephants
2) Acquire two or more elephants

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Travel through Europe, but not as a tourist. Doubt it’s ever gonna happen, but it would be neat.

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Start working again.
Decide once and for all if I am going to have a child.
Travel: Panama Canal, Banff, Spain.
Move back to Florida.

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Earn a PhD in literature (probably won’t be tackling that any time soon – I need a break since I’ve been enrolled in school for twenty years. That’s right. Only three years of no-school.) I would also like publish a novel, move north, travel, start my family.

And read. Good god, I want to read until I die.

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I have a bucket list, one of the biggies is that I want to donate blood, hopefully enough to replenish that amount I’ve taken and then some. Shouldn’t be such a lofty goal, but for me it kind of is. Some other things I want to do are learn to weld, take singing lessons, and run a marathon for CCFA. There’s more, too.

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See my grandchildren grow up.

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I’ll join @bookish1 in hoping I can grow a beard. I also want to write and publish a novel.

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Raise the hopes of the uneducated… and well dotted.

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Travel the world, meet exotic people, love, play music, write, find peace, discover revelations, live everywhere and nowhere, learn from life and not from school, revolution, save someone, help people, make life worth dying.

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Discover the fountain of youth.

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Cut Mio’s dew claws.

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Say hello to a grandchild.
Travel to China.

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I’d like to squeeze a dwarf into my golf bag….just because.

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“Wow! @Crashsequence2012 I have not seen such a deluded assessment of reality in a long time, and I meet with mentally ill people every other week.”

Your grandchildren?

What about you?

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I’ve already done everything I want to do with one exception. I gave up wanting to go hang gliding and scuba diving, but I have always wanted to get an RV and just travel around the U. S. for a few years.

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Learn to juggle.
Carry on seeing the funny side of life.
Look on the bright side, always!

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It would be a bummer to die with money still in the bank, that I could have spent on something!

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I intend to dine at Windows On The World.

Oh! And fly on the Concorde.

Also be on NASA’s next manned mission.

Smoke in central park

Drink a 32oz soda in NYC

Carry my own water onto my next plane flight.

The list goes on.

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See the Northern Lights.

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Void utterly and completely in my pants.

whatever, it’s my very last chance to be a pain in the ass, plus, poop is funny.

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@Crashsequence2012 Is there going to be another Windows on the World? That kind of freaked me out. And, I am pretty sure the Concord doesn’t fly anymore.

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@Crashsequence2012 You can put whatever you want on your list.

My list is my list. It is a true list.

I see you like things that can’t possibly happen. This is good. I approve.

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@Crashsequence2012 Read the question again.

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Meet my childrens’ children.

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Hike the Continental Divide Trail

Stand naked in the middle of the Callanish Circle at sunrise

Become enlightened.

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Jesus Christ.

Can no one see the statement I’m making?

So many things I want to do have been ruined by those that hate our free American way of life both foreign and domestic.

I don’t know which is worse, the Islamic haters of The West or the elite of the nannystate,

Do it now, it might be illegal tomorrow.

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@Crashsequence2012 I THOUGHT the question was “what do you want to do before you die” not “Can you make an obtuse statement about life”.
No wonder I was confused.

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Also, I want to see a shooting star. Never seen one.

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Attain 15700 lurve. ;-p

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@Crashsequence2012 What kind of weird shit do you want to do that might be illegal tomorrow? No. Wait. Don’t tell me. I’ll probably make it illegal today.

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@wundayatta Smoking, a perfect example.

There was once a time when individuals understood that restaurants were private businesses. Free to create the atmosphere (so to speak) they wished. FREE TO CHOOSE who was a patron capable of decent behavior at thus who was allowed to remain a guest.

Now, in predictable fashion the Whiner Set is gradually eroding such freedoms hand in hand with the nannystate.

It’s incredibly simple: If you wish to control your environment (cigarette smoke) or act like an ass (being refused service) you are free TO DO SO AT HOME.

I very rarely smoke but a once perfectly legal act (enjoying a cigarette while having a meal out or AT A FREAKING BAR) Is now basically illegal (depending on jurisdictions and other factors). Unacceptable.

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@rojo :

How does the fact that my bucketlist items have been made unavailable to me-

“I intend to dine at Windows On The World”. “Carry my own water onto my next plane flight.” (The result of naked hatred of our way of life by a religion)

“Oh! And fly on the Concorde.” (Triumph of wealth envy).

“Also be on NASA’s next manned mission.” (Obama pandering to those that would rather see NASA money in free ATM’s on every street corner for the “underprivileged”)

“Smoke in central park, Drink a 32oz soda in NYC” (Despicable nannystate and attempting to reduce the need for healthcare to lessen demands on already impossible Ocare).

-change what I want to do and therefore the contents of my list?

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Ok… from a person whose lungs will literally close if exposed to cigarette smoke – your addiction is your own problem. Do it at home and shut up. My right to oxygen is more important than your right to kill yourself slowly.

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I said nothing about an addiction (nice try, that would reduce sympathy to my case). I’ve had fewer cigarettes than there are years in my life.

Odd,you didn’t mention how your lungs came to be in this condition. (Curious, not that it makes a bit of difference in this argument.

Allergies? I have a slew of them but I don’t use them to manipulate the behavior of other citizens.

But do tell me, regarding all this some telling others what they can do and where.

Where does it all stop?

Or does it ever?

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@Crashsequence2012 What a way to fucking downer my question.

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I’m sincerely sorry my bucketlist makes for depressing conversation.

A much simpler answer from me would have been:

I want to be free to do what I want to do.

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@Crashsequence2012 Quite frankly, I have no idea. I’ve never been diagnosed with asthma, though several members of my family have. I do know that while I can stand around a bonfire and breathe wood smoke with no problem, cigarette smoke will instantly trigger a coughing fit that reduces me to a crumbled mass of blue-face and tears.

It’s kind of how elementary schools stopped allowing peanut butter sandwiches a few years back. Allergic kids’ rights to life are more important than non-allergic kids’ right to a companion for grape jelly.

Because we live in a civilised society and not the Klingon Empire, we (mostly happily) make minor sacrifices in order to protect the life and health of those around us.

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There’s NOTHING minor about the principles behind my various little concerns.

Latest theories suggest asthma is the result of (puts on Agent Smith voice) a virus…

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I dunno, @Crashsequence2012, but you sure do sound like a whiner to me.

If you want to harm yourself, do it in private. Don’t do it in a place or in a way where there could be collateral damage. Better yet, go see a therapist and try to learn other ways of coping with these self-destructive tendencies. But if you refuse to take care of yourself, please don’t whine about it and expect to get any sympathy.

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You’re COMPLETELY right.

For example, there’s NOTHING dangerous, potentially or otherwise, about driving to the restaurant, for example. I will therefore drive to the restaurant in my home… uh.. somehow….

Your mentality it’s not the mainstream, at least not yet, at least not IRL.

But don’t worry, you and your ilk will in lockstep with the Fed eventually eliminate all indulgence, all pleasure.

One of two things happened:
Either you don’t understand my mentioning the matter of principles or you deliberately chose to avoid it.

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Sorry. You lost me. Didn’t realize we were talking about driving to the restaurant. But you’re right. I secretly want to take away your car and your license. I want you to be forced to use a horse. Or a bicycle. Especially during rainstorms.

Oh God.

And no, I’m not sure which principle you were holding up against the principle of not harming others. I think it’s freedom, but if so, then you have a particularly unsophisticated understanding of freedom.

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Feel the straw…

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Blah. Self-modded.

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Just knocked one off of the bucket list. :)

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