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Will a New York Times story about the wealth of the Chinese premier's relatives have much impact in China?

Asked by wundayatta (58525points) October 25th, 2012

In this article, the New York Times carefully documents the wealth of the Chinese Premier’s relatives. It names companies and value. It shows how the relative traded in on the power of their connection to the Chinese leader, even if he did not gain any wealth.

It makes me wonder whether the Chinese will just block the Times so no one in China can read the article, and things will go on as normal. I feel that this is an audacious and clever investigation by the Times. I wonder if it will help make China more open and democratic. I wonder if it will help reduce corruption.

What do you think?

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The people in China don’t / / CAN’T read all the New York Times, most western news feeds are systematically blocked.

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Nope. The Chinese government has tight controls over the internet in China. Nobody there except in the security departments will see it.

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My guess is that it will be censored and they will never know about it.

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But what about the rich and not so well connected? Could they not use the public record, same as the NYT did, to try to get things to go more their way?

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This morning, many news sources are reporting the New York Times website has been blocked in China.

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I wonder how long they will do so.

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The Chinese Communist Party is the hypocritical Chinese Corrupt Party. And they are adept in the art of constituent manipulation and intimidation. Oh, not constituent, I meant suckers.

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