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Arnold Schwarzenegger is back as Conan, are you excited?

Asked by mazingerz88 (19058points) October 25th, 2012

Here is the link

I am. If the project does not get a mediocre script, director and producer, I’m pretty optimistic it would be worthy of John Milius’ 1982 movie. Forget the awful sequel. I’m glad Ahnold is back with a sword. The days of high adventure are back-!

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Fuck yeah! Loved the first movie, hated Destroyer and that recent movie, (man did that suck) but this could be cool. Personally I’m not entirely sure how much Arnie is up for the part at this point…and he’s gonna have to grow his hair. hawt But I’m a big Conan fan and will remain open minded until the final product. I bet there’s never gonna be a Conan movie that captures the character from the novels, but the first movie was so much fun, so if they get this right it’s gonna be cool.
It has potential I’m sure, and I’m really looking forward to what they’re going to do with this.
This better not fucking suck, by Crom!

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Uh, no. Not 30 years ago, not now.

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What’s it called Conan The Pig Hearted Pensioner?

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I’m from California. Terminator was my all time favorite movie.
After living the hell he subjected our state to, our house is now an Arnie free zone. I won’t contribute a dime to his fortunes.

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Conan at age 65? Give me a break!

AARP = Aged Actors Reliving Pablum.

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Yay! I’m totally stoked. I actually just called my hubby (who’s been a fan of Ahnold since his weightlifting days, and can quote most of the original Conan the Barbarian) and I’m pretty sure he’s doing a victory dance around the living room.

And for those that haven’t read the books, Conan the King is not a young man.

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Have you seen recent pics of Arnold? He should let this offer go, the same way he let himself go.

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Nothing Arnold does excites me.

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@filmfann So aging is “letting yourself go?” God forbid it should ever happen to you.

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Hey, from the Robert E. Howard stories, Conan’s estimated at about 280 lbs, with most of it in his barrel chest and arms. Seems legit.

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@filmfann I really dont think he looks that bad at all for his age. Like yea he’s got some stomach fat, but look at those arms. He could still probably knock ya out with one swing.

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@Seek_Kolinahr Indeed, same for the comic books which I love. So, imagine my disappointment when they had that skinny bastard for the last Conan movie…
As well, while I can’t really criticize an actor for his hair, either that new guy or Arnold, Conan’s hair is described as a black, thick mane. Haha. He’s supposed to have thick, long black hair and I’ve never seen that in any movie adaptation. But I’m still totally looking forward to this…I wonder who he’ll be fighting in this.

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My point is that Arnold doesn’t look like his Conan persona any more.

and trust me, I wish I looked this good.

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Well, I can imagine it being good… but then, I tend to like my own imagination far better than most recent Hollywood realities.

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I just wish the movie would not have one of those young warrior apprentices or worse, a son character like that of the latest Indiana Jones movie. He should be his age, old yet still barbaric with his sword.

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Regardless of how old Conan is portrayed in literature i’ll bet for damn sure he didn’t have plastic surgery to enhance him.

But here we are speculating about a FANTASY character :)

I’ll take a pass. Arnie’s recent display of totally callous egomania on his recent book tour is going to bleed over and tarnish anything else he touches for a good long time (even if it is a fictional premise.) I’ll bet Conan cared a lot more about HIS kids than that. Just hearing his voice makes me feel the urge to vomit. He’s a total pig. Ugh! The worst representation of mankind. Wasn’t Conan supposed to be a heroic character?

Does the name Mel Gibson ring a bell here?

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@Buttonstc Conan is an antihero, and started out as a thief and pirate. Of course, being in a world as savage as his, ruled by tyranny and evil, it can’t be helped that he’s a hero for fucking up people worse than him. For example, see this Wiki entry. (under personality and character)
Still, you have a point. I have no idea what Arnold is like for real, but I do most certainly have to say; William Wallace can suck it. It’s weird, Gibson played such a good and heroic character, but it turns out the man himself is a complete bastard. While his opponent, Longshanks, a cruel and dastardly king was played by a gentle and caring actor, (Patrick Mcgoohan) at least as far as I know.
That said, there are probably actors everywhere that are complete pricks, yet we still enjoy their performances. As long as Arnold delivers, and as long as the movie doesn’t suck ass, make mine Marvel. lol

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If you have no idea what Arnold is like for real, I guess you missed his smug mug splashed all over the place publicizing his book and enriching himself by further detailing his infidelities.

Is this really something his kids needed to be subjected to further on a daily basis. Bad enough when the truth first came out. Now he has to drag it out on a daily basis so he can further line his pockets from book sales? Yeah. Real considerate Father, right?

The man totally disgusts me (as does holier-than-thou hypocrite, anti-Semitic, drunken homophobe Gibson)

Both of their “apologies” could not be more hollow and totally insincere.

Sure, there may be lots of other actors who are asses in reality, but at least they have the good common sense to keep it under wraps and not to put it on public display and glory in it quite so openly.

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Yeah, most of what we know about other actors and their douchebaggery is usually yanked out and exposed by other people, like journalists and shit. Like when Tiger Woods cheated on his wife. (not an actor I know, but first example that came to mind) Unlike Gibson, where people actually edit out some of the crap he says. And maybe Arnie too I guess. Last I heard though, in the end of the nineties, is that he was being accused of raping a number of women, and belonging to the Third Reich. But again, that was people saying it, not him…but no, I’m not aware of his book or nothing.
Seems weird haha. I learned on Fluther about Gibson as well, when someone posted links for me to see about how he treated his wife, or some woman he had/has a relationship with. Who the fuck’s next, Rob Zombie? :(

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If you do a little Google on Arnie’s recent crap, you’ll appreciate why I hold him in such contempt.

The Third Reich crap is ridiculous since that was his father. He was still in his teens when he left Austria and you can’t demonize someone for their father’s crap.

As for all those women in the past, at this point I’m less inclined to doubt them. His managers were evidently more successful in squelching those and portraying him as the perfect family man BEFORE there was real flesh and blood ( in the form of a 12 yr. old boy who was his spittin image) proof of his infidelity with the maid.

But now it’s admitted openly that this wasn’t his only indiscretion. So, I’m inclined to believe the women. The guy is a total pig.

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Ha ha. Crom laughs at your four winds!!! I think it’d be extra fuckin’ cool to have Arnold back as Conan. I never read the comics or books, so in my eyes, Arnold is Conan. I’m ready!!

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The first words spoken by Conan:

CONAN! What is best in life?

“To crush the enemy, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of the women!”

I could give a shit about Arnold’s personal life. That quote is what Conan is. He’s a barbarian. He’s not Captain Fucking America. Which is a movie I have no intention of ever seeing.

The only thing better than a new Conan would be if someone would make a good movie about Elric of Melnibonë. Drug addicted Chaotic-Evil albino sorcerer-king anti-hero who carries a sword that feasts on souls? Yes, please!

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