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Is the moderation a bit nuts?

Asked by jrpowell (40534points) October 26th, 2012

It seems like it is a bit overboard lately. Misspelling “Coast”, really?

The moderation here is a bit over the top. Even the nerd-herd at metafilter isn’t as anal. It would be different if the deletions over autocorrect actually made the site better…. But they don’t.

Please stop deleting stuff for swapping vowels. Qaura isn’t that far away.

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The moderation here is largely responsible for the quality of the site appearance. The Mods are doing the thankless job of making everyone look better. They are abused in questions such as this, yet carry on without carrying grudges.
You might consider applying for the job of Mod before judging them.

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I have not noticed any especially heavy moderation. Is it too much to ask that people spell check their questions before posting? I don’t think so.

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I agree with @marinelife, if anything I have been modded, oooh, maybe 3–4 times in recent days again for going off topic/ “unhelpful” little quips, my weak point. I am just grateful I have not been pm’d with a warning. Thanks for the leniency mods!

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I agree that moderation is beneficial to the community, and I hate seeing typos. However, I think under the circumstances – with the storm being so close, and the question and answers potentially being helpful to those who live in the affected area – it might have made more sense to just correct the spelling of “coast” and let the question stand. The OP can learn the spelling lesson on his/her next question.

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Well, we all know I think the moderation is over the top, but in a different area. I think they are way too draconian in their efforts to keep things on topic. They should relax their standards a bit there.

With respect to spelling, perhaps it could be handled differently. With mods just making the changes themselves, perhaps after getting approval from jellies. That would be much more friendly than knocking a question or answer off due to a spelling error that people can adjust for, anyway.

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I am glad when I get modded. I tend to get fat fingers and auto correct wreaks havock on me. The lovely mods make me not look so stupid.

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I just don’t understand why the Moderators couldn’t simply correct the obvious misspelling of “Coast” themselves, rather than taking the entire question down.

It seems that in the case of something that clear, it would be an easy judgement call – and the Mod could add a little footnote in the details to indicate that the Moderater edited to correct the misspelling from ____ to Coast (I don’t even recall noticing the misspelling when I read and answered the question, so I don’t know what it said). Then, if the OP had an issue with the correction, they could flag it themselves to have the question removed so they could refine it themselves.

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@filmfann I believe @johnpowell was a mod in the past.

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I have been modded few times, but I learned after being modded and then subsequently annoyed to read pretty carefully before posting. What I found really annoying about being modded was that the question gets commented on, then removed for editing, and when it’s corrected and put back up, it goes back in the original order it was posted, which by that point means way down in the lineup. I think when people are reading new questions, they read only as far as what they’ve looked at previously, and by then, they’re not reading down far enough to read (and thus, to comment) on my question. Questions that are removed for modding should be re-posted (after being edited) at the top of the lineup.

For myself, I was just searching the hurricane question and did not find it (by putting some terms in the search bar). I would like to see it but am not sure if it was edited and re-posted, or abandoned by the OP.

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No, but the frequent bitching and moaning about the moderation has sailed way past “a bit nuts,” and right into insanely fucking annoying.

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It’s not reposted yet @jca. I agree with @hearkat. This was a rather benign typo that could’ve quickly been repaired by a mod. If necessary, the mod could’ve added a comment regarding the repaired typo.

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Well…self modding over here. I have been sick the last few days which is just about the only catalyst for me being uncharacteristically bitchy and intolerant. Best I just observe from a distance right now, I’ve already wracked up one bitchy moment for today. lol

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Here is a link to the modded Q.

@jca, I have always found the fact that the question doesn’t get re-prioritized on the top as a new question odd, too. As there will be no changes to Fluther, for now, I’ll just follow the closed discussion in hopes that the OP edits it.

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It seems to go in waves I’ve found. At least for me. Every couple of months I’ll start getting PM’s from mods about my posts not being grammatically correct or missing apostrophes/commas. Honestly these types of moderations piss me off. If I were talking in txt spk that’d be one thing but if I don’t capitalize an i or throw in an apostrophe is it really the end of the world?

As I’ve said before when talked to about these types of things, I’m going to continue to write on here as I did from day one close to 5 years ago when I signed up. If that turns out to no longer meet quality standards for this site, well then I guess this is no longer the place for me.

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Just to clarify something, the mods actually can’t just fix the typo. We don’t have that ability. Augustlan is the only one that can edit questions and answers. The mods can only return it to the OP for corrections and then approve it once the corrections have been made. At this point in time, the question has not been returned, so we must wait for the OP to make the correction.

Having the mods be able to edit things has been discussed before and if I remember correctly, the majority of users did not want the mods editing questions on their own. They would rather have the opportunity to do it themselves or at least approve the edit before it happens.

I understand the point of this question, especially with the storm coming. We do try to take the actual question into consideration when making decisions to mod them and there have been times we have let a question stand with errors in order for the OP to get the help they need.

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It would be wonderful if two things could be implemented:

1) Members enabled to give mods a ‘standing’ authorization to fix typing errors. Somewhere on your account you check a box that says ”I give permission to the moderation team to fix obvious typos/spelling errors on my posts and questions.

2) All mods (not just Augs) given the ability to fix typos.

Until that happens, we have to work with how it’s set up now. Read @Seaofclouds post for details.

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I think this illustrates our esteemed leader’s zero tolerance policy for trolls & such like.

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Modz r rubish. Answrbag is bettr u can post any old krap there.

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Nope, I don’t want to have mods handle typos, either. Not if it means we’ll never have a question like this again‘d be nice if there was a balance with a touch of frivolity for the ridiculous. Sometimes on Tuesdays?

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I frequent this site because of the higher standards.

There are other sites that do not have mods, or the moderation is very minimal. Perhaps you would rather post on one of them?

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@SpatzieLover Stop it! My head hurts too much to laugh! OMG!

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@Coloma, is that the first time you saw it?

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Wull eye hahpon tu lyke deesighphoring pourlee ritten kwestons misellf, itz fuhn.

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@Judi It was a couple years before I discovered fluther but I saw it before. Nice to revisit thoguh. Hilarious!

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To answer several questions at once:

If we allow typos in the titles here and there, someone will inevitably complain when we mod their question for typos. Consistency is very important in the interest of fairness.

That said, if it had been asked just before or during the storm, I’d have let it stand until after it was over or I’d have corrected the typo myself (and yes, I am the only one who can do that). Since it was about a storm that isn’t supposed to hit the east coast until Sunday or Monday, though, we opted to send it to the asker for editing.

JohnPowell hasn’t ever been a site mod, though he was a chat room moderator.

I would love for edited questions to be reposted to the top of the question list. It’s something I’ve wanted ever since I became a mod. It’s unlikely to happen any time soon, unfortunately.

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Also: Since the storm is getting closer, everyone would like the question back, and the asker has not yet edited and returned the question to us, I’ve corrected the typo and reposted it. You can find it here.

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Oh, is it that time again?

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I don’t find it excessive.

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I don’t know why I’ve read this whole thread, but I have, and I have to say I’m with @WillWorkForChocolate on this one.

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I think the “modding” is fine. Specially if there is an error in the heading. I have my questions returned many times. In fact I have one with an error in the body of the question, they haven’t spotted and I wish they would! It annoys the heck out of me every time I see it.

It’s the small things that keep the bigger things on track.

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@Shippy, you can flag your own question and explain that you want to correct an error. A moderator will return it to you for editing, and you can resubmit it. I’ve done this when I’ve made a mistake that I just can’t stand to look at. I try to let most of them go and not be a pest, but some errors are just too mortifying. The mods always help me out.

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@Jeruba Thank you I will, since its got the most GQ on my list oh the shame

Response moderated
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What about typos that no mods catch? Did somebody tell that girl that the plural of ex is exes, not ex’s? And yet there it is…

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@zigmund Oops, I even answered that one! We do miss stuff (even when we answer, obviously), and that’s where flagging comes in handy. It’s now been returned to the asker for editing.

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@flutherother We dont need no krap. Learn from the corrections already, rather than gripe at being corrected. Or move to a less learned site where you kin say however you want. whatever.

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I was actually thankful that my last question got edited for a spelling mistake/misuse of terms since it doesn’t make my posts look too good. My question got moderated, but I was able to post it after the corrections.

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If you’re moved to ask…

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