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Does the Velcro on your shoe ever wear out before the rest of the shoe?

Asked by dookie (61points) June 5th, 2008

Are you ever stuck with perfectly good shoes that can’t be fastened? Is it possible to get worn-out Velcro replaced?

I never buy shoes with Velcro fasteners because I fear it will wear out prematurely. Is it possible to get shoes with the super-strong Velcro made of Teflon that they use on space shuttles?

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umm i dont get any shoes with velcro they look kind of weird on older people.. thats just what i think

good old fashion laces is what i like :)

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yes just call 1800-MY-NASA and you can order the special Teflon Velcro I just ordered it for my son for a gift because he’s always complaning about the same thing

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skateboards always kill shoelaces doing tricks and all. i know some kids at the skatepark that use zip ties instead of velcro or laces.

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yeah and it also messes up the shoe. my bf has one perfectly new shoe and the other is all tore up

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oh thank you for your question! It just reminded me of something from back in the day that I hadnt thought about in years! Good times! good times!

To answer your question I haven’t had any Velcro shoes in…...well I don’t think I ever had any Velcro shoes in my life.

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That depends, I personally wear shoes with laces, but i get shoes very often. (once every week)

I really like these Nikes’ I’ve bought a few already, because they’re white and velcro gets worn out. Nike Men’s Vandal Low

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Are you sure the velcro is worn out?

When I would get these shoes for my kids, I would find that if they were not sticking well it was because little bits of stuff was caught up in the velcro.

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