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Is there another term for car bouncing?

Asked by Berserker (33394points) October 26th, 2012

Other than fucking up your car big time Car bouncing, as shown here. I’ve seen this in a lot of music videos and stuff, but I’m wondering if there’s an actual term besides car bouncing or car jumping that is used for this? I’m working on a review for a movie, and I kind of need to know if there’s a legitimate term/word for bouncing cars. Kind of because it isn’t by any means necessary, but I would certainly appreciate the input. Thanks. :)

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Lowrider car hopping.

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Is that what you call it up in Canadia??? I’ve never heard that one, only car hopping, haha :-p

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Gangsta style.

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I like to call that humping in the back seat.

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I’ve watched the vids, but never thought it had a name.

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3rd date.

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“Idiocy” works for me.

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That is “hopping”, and that link you shared has nothing on this guy

Yes, there are competitions for this!

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There’s a part on one of the Grand Theft Auto games where you do this with a big ass car in a parking lot.
Got to keep up with the tune & perform wacky bouncing shit, lowriding it was called.
I thought it was a bit naff myself like.

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@jerv LOL Jesus Christ. That’s crazy.

Well, I guess hopping it is.

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@ucme : I remember that. A high score gets you ALL the honeys!

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As an aside, cars are a bit tougher than you’d think. Due to a combination of blown air suspension and odd harmonics, I once accidentally bounced my front end for about half a mile on a snowy road. The front bumper was a good three feet of the ground at times, yet when I he’d the car checked out afterwards to look for hidden damage, it was perfectly fine. Didn’t even change the alignment. Granted, old Subaru wagons may be tougher than your average car, but I was still impressed by the lack of damage.

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I know cars are tough, especially older ones. But those hopping cars are rigged to do that, and I’ll guess precautions are taken for them to be able to take the hopbouncing.

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@bookish1 Yeah, slightly strange when your then 13yr old son was playing!

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@Symbeline I know they are rigged to do that, but I’m saying that they really don’t need to take as many precautions as yo may think; no more than any non-bouncing streetracer with it’s strut braces.

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I like keeping this thread on my “Questions You’re Following” list because the phrase “car bouncing” makes me laugh everytime I see it.

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