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Sweeny Todd Blood...Real?

Asked by Mrs_Dr_Frank_N_Furter (587points) June 5th, 2008

So I was watching Sweeny Todd yesterday. I only got to the first time he killed someone with the knife. What did they use for blood?

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Dyed corn syrup.

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I read that they later edited the blood to make it a brighter red in order to avoid an “R” rating… Real shame, it looked so fake it almost ruined the movie for me.

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it did look fake, but it was a great movie. That movie had a cool soundtrack.

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I liked the fakiness of the bright red blood – it made it less gory (which would’ve creeped me out too much to watch the movie), and much more surreal (which Sweeny Todd definitely is!)

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I’m out of the loop (in a big way) What is Sweeny Todd…...a current movie?

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i meant Sweeney Todd with Jonhny Depp. pretty current. Don’t think it’s in theaters though

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