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What do other users' Fluther names remind you of?

Asked by Luiveton (4157points) October 27th, 2012

I can’t believe I’ve never considered this question until now. It’s just one of those things you subconsciously think of, but never out loud. This is the first time I have really considered this. Epiphany!

Ever since I joined Fluther, I’ve seen creative usernames, I’ve always wondered about the stories behind them. The ideas and how they got them..and in some cases, some usernames remind me of certain things!

So I’ll ask you all now, (I think this might be the best question I’ve ever asked haha, prepare for fun.) how did you think of your username? Is there a story behind it? Do you like it? What does it remind you of? And what do OTHER users’ names remind YOU of? I know some usernames have reminded me of pasta…

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Gailcalled reminds me of this

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There is a similar Q. around here somewhere, can’t find the link.
My user name is the town I live in.
It means ” beautiful” in the Nisenan indian language.
I live in the Coloma river valley, or beautiful river valley, in the Sierra Nevada foothills of Northern Ca. where gold was discovered by James Marshall in 1848. :-)

Other users names do remind me of, and lend insight into others personalities, but…since we cannot name names…well..I can give no examples.
Some names are misleading when it comes to gender, I have often assumed a users name is of a male/female theme and have been wrong on more than one occasion. haha

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I hate my user name loll, I joined and saw fish, so I thought a Ship would work. Then I had a huge ship icon and it stood out like a sore thumb. I feel my user name makes people think I am an old dowdy whatsit. Plus I ask dowdy questions which don’t help. But because I’m so not a Shippy, I find it quite nice to hide behind I suppose. I’m not a shitty either!!

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@ragingloli: Oops. You have blown my cover.

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@gailcalled I’m impressed! you are quite ‘ripped’. By the way, your icon when it is small, reminds me of a colorful ostrich.

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Luiveton seems designer louis vuton.
Jeruba seems like a gem or a tea.
Seek_Kolinahr, even though she explains her name in her bio, I always am tempted to replace her name with Shiek.

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@Shippy: Years ago, when a similar question was asked, someone said that he thought the avatar looked like a chicken. Fowl play, I guess, even though I don’t see it. My maternal grandma’s cobalt blue vase and my daughter’s peonies and New Dawn rose from her garden.

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Mine is from a favorite family pet.

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Mine is stolen from one of my ancestors from about 100 years ago. They were all fishermen, and living in a small fishing village there were large families so a lot of people shared the same names. To make it easier to identify each other, most of them took nicknames as well. Downtide was the one I liked the best.

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Well, Kardamom’s username is stuck in my mind forever. Now I know that cardamom is a spice, but when I first saw her name I read it as ’‘karda demon’’. Guess I need to learn how to read glasses haha. Then I read it properly, and I thought maybe she had a daughter named Karda. But then she told me the story behind the username.

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Mine is pretty uninteresting, so I’ll skip that story.

@ragingloli usually makes me think of ravioli…but only when I’m hungry. :)

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@gailcalled I see the chicken!!

You have a different color pattern, is all. I’ll bet who ever said that to you raised those funky chickens to show off at the Fair.

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@livelaughlove21 @ragingloli ME TOO!! That’s why I mentioned pasta in the question I was thinking of you haha! I’m weird.

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@Shippy: For what it’s worth, I like your user name. I think it’s really cute for some reason O_o

@Symbeline‘s probably going to go all Nordic on my ass now, but her nickname reminds me of Thumbelina. I’m sorry.

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I think @Symbeline should change her name to ” Zombeline.” lol
She’s the funniest little zombie lover ever!

I like @Shippy ‘s name too. I think it might have gone over her head the other day when I joked about ” no Shippy” in response to a comment. lol

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@bookish1 Thank you. *blush…. loll

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I like my name and it was given to me by some now departed Jellies. It does have a connection to my real name too.

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[mod says] Please remember that while positive mentions are okay, we don’t allow naming names in a negative way. Thanks!

My username is my birth month, followed by my initials. The origin is lame, I know, but I’ve come to really like the name itself.

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I eat fairies and zombies for dinner.

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I know there are at least a few of them, but it generally happens because I have misread someone’s user name..

The only one that comes to mind, right now, off the top of my head, is sliceswiththings

For the longest time I thought her name was “sliceswithwings,” so I when I saw her name, I always imagined slices of pizza, flying around, because they were slices, with wings.

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Unfortunately, when I joined, I did not plan to stick around long. I just intended to answer one question and didn’t realize I’d be here 5 years plus (as of this writing) and put all my personal information on the site! So my Fluther name is closely linked to something in my personal life (my Fluther friends who are on FB may figure it out) but if I explain it, then it will confirm who I am in real life if any of my real life friends snoop around here!

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@Bellatrix Your name reminds me of a dominatrix. lol
Thigh high boots and whips and chains. lol

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When I see @Bellatrix‘s name, I think of Beatrix Potter.

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@bkcunningham Haha, yes, I can see that association too.

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I wish my name had an X or a K or a Q in it. I like those sounds much better. W’s are so wimpy. D’s are ok. T’s are better than a lot of other letters, but not as good as the best. I wish I could change my name to something that is more me now. My name feels like some kind of terrorist name. Yes, it has a certain meaning having to do with my recovery, but I’m recovered now, and I’d rather have a name that reflects me now. Alas, we don’t get to change names here, except once, I guess. And even if I could… everyone knows me now.

It’s weird how all the different sites have different policies regarding names.

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Mine is from a song, and it is both ironic and not. I thought of it because I adore the B-52s, and was raised on them – that is, my parents listened to them a lot, and I can’t remember a time when I didn’t know their songs and the lyrics. I think that particular lyric is hilarious, and I like things that work on multiple levels. I also like viney, twining plants and their trumpet-like flowers, and the wild potato is a particularly beautiful one of those. My name reminds me of this song, though I didn’t have it in mind when I created it.

I always break down talljasperman in my head as Talia J. Sperman, so even though I know it’s Tall Jasper Man, I tend to think of that Flutherer as a woman with a really odd name.

@wundayatta If it makes you feel any better, sometimes I think of you as “The Butt” :oP

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Thanks, @wildpotato. That makes me feel a lot better.

You do know that my avatar is a map, right?

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@wundayatta Hell yeah, that picture is great! I mean, back when I first joined I thought the splotchiness was some kind of skin disease, but it made more sense pretty quickly.

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@wildpotato @wundayatta LOL..a skin disease…hahaha

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@wundayatta a map of whose ass?
@Coloma Your username reminds me of an Indian god or something spiritual…Or even better, something to do with the Cherokee culture/spirits. So cool.

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@Luiveton A map of the world. I’d be careful of where you say the world’s ass is, unless you choose your own country. Even then, your fellow citizens might be pissed. But that comes out the other side.

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@Luiveton It is an indian name, actually. I explained it up above. :-)

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@Coloma Yep, I read it. I meant it reminds me of a god or something spiritual specifically. It really is beautiful. :)

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@wundayatta I guess what I’m trying to say is, I like your butt.

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I always see bloody fingers and hands when I see Sliceswiththings…like a whole lotta Ooops!

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When I first saw @wundayatta ‘s name, I kept hearing the word boomdyatta which was from a camp song that we used to sing. I don’t think it’s a real song, it’s just a lyric that was made up and repeated while we were doing our chores. Like boomdyatta, boomdyatta, boomdyatta sweep! Sometimes I also think of the theme song from the TV show One Day at a Time

I think of the book Tuggy the Tugboat when I think of @Shippy. I like it.

@augustlan reminds me of the movie Shadowlands and therefore the beautiful English countryside.

Mine definitely came from the spice cardamom which I first tasted and almost had a mouth O in this Indian dessert called Kheer. Course y’all know I’m a food enthusiast. I found Fluther through a food related website. My avatar is a photo that I took of a beautiful crookneck squash that I saw at our county fair. Some people have actually shouted things at me like, “You can’t know anything about me, you’re a Mom and you’re biased!” Guess what? I don’t have any kids. I’ve found out that a lot of people have never heard of or had the pleasure of tasting cardamom. I would recommend putting cardamom on your bucket list : )

@ragingloli definitely makes me think of This

@Bellatrix makes me think of Her

@bkcunningham reminds me of This Guy

@Angrywhitemale makes me think of Rush Limbaugh

@Scuniper makes me think of the boat called a schooner

@reijinni makes me think of Reykjavic, Iceland

@lillycoyote reminds me of this great Hawaiian song called Princess Pupule just because of the way it rolls off the tongue. Imagine inserting lillycoyote into the lyrics : )

@fremen_warrior reminds me of Morgan Freeman in Robin Hood Prince of Thieves

@gasman reminds me of a gag from Seinfeld in which Kramer ends up with a personalized license plate that reads assman

@kess reminds me of Kes from Star Trek Voyager

@RareDenver reminds me of John Denver

@rosehips reminds me of Gypsy Rose Lee She’s got the name Rose and those awesome hips : )

@DomincX reminds me of dominatrix but I’m pretty sure he’s not one of those LOL

@Tropical_Willie reminds me of the song Kokomo from the Beach Boys because of the line tropical drink melting in your hand which always makes me think of the drink Blue Hawaii, which is the first legal drink I ever had

@ninjacolin always rolls off of my tongue like the title of one of my favorite books Good Dog Carl Although I doubt our young ninja would want to babysit toddlers

@SpatzieLover first came into my mind as Spatial Lover (like outer space, or living in Montana)

@janbb always comes out in my mind’s ear as Jay Nabb

@jca comes out as Jayka

@gondwanalon sounds like gondola to me and I always picture him/her captaining a gondola in venice

@partyrock always makes me conjer up the song Party Rock, especially this particular version with the Halloween House singing! I love this

@skagfacemutt always makes me think of a cute mutt-type of doggy like This One

@Vincent_Lloyd reminds me of a teenage version of Vincent Price

@Blackberry reminds me of the blackberry device

@syz always come out as siz, as in sizzle

@jehnstewart, although I know she’s a she always comes out as John Stewart

@the_overthinker always comes out as the over achiever

@bewailknot always comes out as Beowulf

@Tachys always comes out as either Tachyderm (which is is not correct, but sounds like Pachyderm) or as Tay Sachs which is a medical condition. Neither of these are anything like our Tachys : )

@whitetigress always comes out as Witty Grass, which is unlike the grass in my front yard which is patchy grass

Sometimes I get @Ashleigh mixed up with @Ashlynn

@thorninmud comes out as the statement (that a lawyer might use) there in stands…

@ETpro always reminds me of E.T. the cute little alien. I think our ET is out of this world with regards to his superior intellect : )

@Quingu always makes me think of a Chinese emporor and it comes out as King Gu

@nettodo always makes me think of the fermented tofu called natto

Sometimes I get @johnpowell mixed up with @bcunningham, 2 very different people LOL

@Nezvestnaya always comes out as Nee Vis Naya, which I’m sure is very wrong, but I always think of Victor Petrenko and Rudolp Nureyev

Sometimes I get @nailpolishfanatic mixed up with @partyrock, because they’re both things that young ladies like, and I know they’re both young ladies, but quite different young ladies and I love them both : )

@Buttonstc always comes out as Button-istic (kind of like Button-esque)

@Pied_Pfeffer always reminds me of the Bugs Bunny episode where someone was making Hassenpfeffer

@Nimis always comes out as Nemesis

Used to get @skfinkel and @spadoinkel mixed up, although I haven’t seen either one in a long time

Sometimes @filmfan comes out as flim flam, although our resident movie buff is certainly not a flim flam man, he’s awesome!

@Thammuz comes out as the phrase “I am the fuzz!” Which makes me think of the police

@sinscriven comes out as sunscreen

Sometimes I get @creavtive1 and @anartist mixed up, although I’m pretty sure one is a male and the other is a female and they’re not similar at all. It’s just that they’re both about art

Sometimes I get @Haleth and @Laureth mixed up, just because of how they sound in my mind, but they’re 2 distinctive, great people

@imgr8 always comes out as imager

And any @RandygoshIdon’tknowifIcanthinkofanyothervariationsonRandy makes me think of This

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^^ Her name always reminds me of yummy recipes. :)

ETpro makes me want to phone home.

Bellatrix has always made me think of the evil, fabulous Ms. Bellatrix Lestrange.

Snowberry makes me think of a frosted blueberry.

Symbeline makes me think of cymbals wearing Maybelline cosmetics.

Augustlan simply makes me think of a pretty letter A.

There are a few others, but they are either too sappy or too bitchy, and I don’t want to induce vomiting or murder at the moment.

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Dang @Kardamon You were really through and funny. I love cardamon, well spices in general, ginger just might win a hair. But very good answer.
Oh and I didn’t mind being compared to a bombshell : )

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^^ Hee Hee, glad you liked the comparison

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@ragingloli Makes me think Humbert Humbert will get his comeuppance finally. Go Lolita!

@Adagio so named after Barber’s Adagio for Strings.

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@ragingloli: Your name makes me think this.

@Shippy I never associated your username with someone “old and dowdy” because this was what it made me think of.

@augustlan When I first stumbled across Fluther, your avatar was somehow angel-related… so some part of my mind is now convinced that there is a Saint Augustlan. It has a patron saint feel to it.

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@Kardamom You are really quite extraordinary. I checked out the link “Princess Purple“ but I think I will have to ponder it a while. I would to it tonight but I am kind of tired and anxious about the storm, it is headed right for us;.

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@rosehips That’s awesome. I’m a big fan of Legend of Zelda, so “Shiek” is also incredibly cool.

@augustlan -
My son was born in August, and his name is Ian, so I have always read your name as augustIan

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@glacial, I love the term shipper now! I’d never heard that before. I’m a total shipper for Ziva and Tony on NCIS! Used to be a big shipper for Captain Picard and Dr. Crusher on STNG.

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@lillycoyote Please be safe my friend!

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I love @lillycoyote ‘s name! Living on Coyote mountain over here it always reminds me a sleek and stealthy she-wolf. lol

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loll @glacial which one exactly? the one that puts more ass in class?? loll

Shippy's avatar

Three cheers for @Kardamom

Shippy's avatar

@Seek_Kolinahr I think I have OCD because I kept saying it all day the one day in my head, yes mad. I had to read the meaning for it to stop!!

glacial's avatar

@Kardamom LOL, are you thinking of changing your name to something more “shippy” now?

@Shippy Eh, it could be anyone you choose. :)

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I was taking my first year of French at the time, and it was my favorite word out of the few we had learned so far. After four years of French, it’s still one of my favorites.

@Kardamom‘s username always makes me think of the Kardashians. I can’t help it!

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My username was created off of the top of my head. I’ve gotten used to it. Google autocorrects it to “phenotype,” and one Flutherite has commented that it reminds her of “Philip,” neither of which are my actual name.

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@SpatzieLover first came into my mind as Spatial Lover (like outer space, or living in Montana)
Funny enough @Kardamom, THAT is a DREAM of mine. Living on a ranch in Montana…Ooooh the sky!

Mine is a German term of endearment mostly said by grandparents to their grandchildren. Here is a Spatzen.

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@ragingloli makes me thing of an out of control popsicle.
@Coloma in the Coloma Warbler found in the High Chisos.
@Kardamom I agree with @mangeons
@lillycoyote is the western desert
@Seek_Kolinahr seems the exude wisdom
@Symbeline well, her avatar just scares me.
@Quingu has an oriental flavor, until he starts ripping someone a new one.
@Nullo seems negative or at least neutral
@skagfacedmutt is a real dog.
@Bellatrix leather and bondage
@Shippy, the train guy, whose name I can’t recall (IthingIcanIthingkIcanIthingkIcan, you know, him)
@wundayatta I always read as “Wonder at ya”
@bkcunningham sounds so professorial.

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@rojo Hah… I just looked up the Coloma warbler, well…I can warble a lot myself, have golden feathers but no tuft on my head. Yet anyway. :-p

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Leather, bondage, whips…. there seems to be a theme here. :-)

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@Bellatrix For thee Mistress!

“I sit on the floor and pick my nose
and think of dirty things
Of deviant Dwarves who suck their toes
and elves who drub their dings

I sit on the floor and pick my nose
and dream exotic dreams
Of Dragons who dress in rubber clothes
and trolls who do it in teams

I sit on the floor and pick my nose
and wish for a thrill or two
For a Goblin who goes in for a few no no’s
Or an Orc with a thing about glue

And all the while I sit and pick
I think of such jolly things
Of whips and screws and leather slacks
Of frottages and stings.”

From Harvard Lampoons’ “Bored of the Rings”

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@rojo Obviously your name means “red” and I always think of mexican food when I read it.
I used to frequent a mexican place called “Rojos’. They made the best mole sauce ever. haha

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@bkcunningham‘s NYC avatar looks like a skull to me. :-)

bkcunningham's avatar

My avatar is the NY Giants’ Super Bowl ring! Gooo Big Blue. It does look like a skull. I never noticed that. Haha

Coloma's avatar

@bkcunningham Haha.. I have now, forever more, warped that ring haven’t I? lol

bkcunningham's avatar

Yes, you warped it. hee hee Now I see a skull with “NY” taped across the mouth portion.

glacial's avatar

@bkcunningham That’s what I think of when I see your avatar, too! It’s pretty badass.

ragingloli's avatar

like an SS belt buckle

Bellatrix's avatar

I always saw something skull-like too.

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@rojo on @bkcunningham‘s name. I never quite thought of her name like that but, yes, I see it. A short click of the heels, she introduces herself: “BK Cunningnham!” A firm handshake and she makes sure everyone quickly finds a seat in the conference room and they all get down to business.

And I guess, unlike some other people, I did really like @projectilevomit’s name, I guess she’s gone now though. There wasn’t much room in that user name to be reminded of anything else. Pretty clear and straightforward.

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@lillycoyote, years ago, my last name was Necessary. BK Necessary. Now, that is a name that makes you want to get down to business.

lillycoyote's avatar

@bkcunningham It would take more than your name, or anyone’s, name, more than pretty much anything at all, to make me want to get down to business. I’m a bit of a slacker. I just said I could see it. :-)

bkcunningham's avatar

The world needs great visionaries, @lillycoyote.

lillycoyote's avatar

@bkcunningham Maybe @bkkickin’assandtakin’names would work for me. That might get my attention and my ass in gear.

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Random, but now that I somehow stumbled on here again, @mazinger88’s username always makes me think of the word amazing, or amazinger, as in, even more amazing than amazing. Lol. I know it’s from an anime, or a video game…I believe I saw a review on the game that was based on the anime, I forgot. Like one of em flying games. But that doesn’t change that I think that everytime. Not that I’m in love with him or anything, the username reminded me of that long before I even knew anything about him haha.

he is awesome though

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@Symbeline I read your name as sublime.

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I always read @augustlan as “Augustian” – very Caesarian and I though it appropriate for a mod.

@TinyFaerie is just as the name implies; a petite, delicate creature full of mischief.

@DrBill – I see Mr Bill (the claymation character from SNL) and in my mind is always this little voice going “Oooooh Nooooooo!”

glacial's avatar

@rojo I think of Mr. Bill when I see DrBill, too!

lillycoyote's avatar

@rojo LOL. That’s exactly what I thought about Auggie’s user name too: “Augustian!” A very imperial, imposing name for a mod and the community manager, after, of course, I figured out, very quickly, that she was apparently not an Augustian, as in: a big follower of St. Augustine of Hippo. :-)

Dutchess_III's avatar

FINE!! This is right about the time I almost DIED and you just kept playing without a thought! Humph!

rojo's avatar

@Dutchess_III Majesty! We just didn’t think!!

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