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How would you create a sunshine room?

Asked by Shippy (9870points) October 27th, 2012

Some days just have this awful ‘gloom’ about them. Most are a result of heavy clouds and rain, which to my mind makes everything appear grey, and dull. It really has a bad effect on me.

So I will light candles, burn incense and put an orange red lamp on. But more than that, if you had to create a sunshine room what would you put in it. Lights? paintings? and which kinds? Or what other things do you feel would steal away the gloominess?

I’d really love to hear your answers and also ones that could be used in practical life too.

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Paint is a great tool, I found it necessary to paint one room orange sunshine, on accent walls I picked a lighter hue to bring out the cream. As seen as it drops over the ocean near sunset. It wakes me up, lightens my mood.
Light turn off the flourescence and play with lamps if you don’t want to do reno.

Plants, I have an affinty for indoor herbs, but whatever you choose they freshen the air make it smell better and soften a room. There are water fountains. Very soothing sound. But they can get messy or be annoying so optional you could always go for music.

Personalize the room a little, bring a part of you that harmonizes with the rest of the room. People can tell when a space is personal or cared for in a way that reflects the ambiance you wish to create. Keep it simple but spread across the whole room a rug, wall art.

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Put light colored drapes by the windows, put white furniture, beautifully colored paintings, and paint the room light blue, yellow, or orange. Smiling and opening windows will also make it seem bright. Hope it helps. (:

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I would get a lamp designed to fend off SAD. It is specially made to mimic sunlight. o would decorate the room like a beach house, because being at the beach always makes me feel better. Maybe get a sound machine that has a wave sound recording

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A glass bedroom.

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Do the ceiling in light blue, you know Sky Blue.

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In my family, the sunshine room was the class my daughter was in from age two to three. Her teacher was very nice.

So my adult sunshine room would have the energy of a room full of happy two year olds.

I’m not sure there would be anything I would do to the room. I don’t like candles or insense. But I do like pretty objects.

But a real sunshine room would be a place to make music. Music is my sunshine. Making music with others makes me happy.

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Light a fire and curl up with a good book!

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In our Northern lands there is very limited sunshine in winter especially as the winters are so cloudy. The traditional answer is a coal fire. They can be a bit of a nuisance to light and keep clean but there is nothing like a coal fire to make a room feel warm and cosy. Sitting by a coal fire is a delight and watching it burn is an entertainment in itself.

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I like bright cheery paintings, like cottage gardens, plants, and lots and lots of windows.. My living room has two big sliding glass doors on the end, and double windows on one side and a big bay window on the other side.

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@Shippy I love it. Plus we get tons of wildlife. We have 6 birdfeeders right outside or on the windows and doors. They’re so fun to watch in the winter. It brightens everyday.

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I live in a far northern city and we get limited sunshine in the winter. My hubby got me a light that’s meant to help prevent/abate SAD—but what helps more is my moving from my usual office space to a spot in our 4-season porch in the winters.
It’s got a knotty pine ceiling and walls and is surrounded on 3 sides with windows. It also has a fireplace and baseboard heaters—so I can keep it cozy. We have pine cone-themed twinkle lights hung on one edge near the ceiling, and it has extra lamps for added (but subdued) lighting, too. It has sort of a north woods look to it with a multi-colored cream center carpet surrounded by a pine-green carpet edge… and all the pictures & decorations in the room are framed nature prints, cinnamon scented heaps of pine cones on an antique wooden box, etcetera.. to go along with that “look”.

We tend to have a lot of snow here—and the sun just sparkles off the the white snow covered trees and yard—so I get plenty of sun in this spot.

For our bedroom I painted the windowless hallway a very light buttercream yellow, and our room (which has a large window, and skylights to get plenty of afternoon sun) is a very pale green.. not quite an olive color, but somewhere between olive & grass green…but pale.

These colors and having the windows open during our (brief) winter days really help.

If I didn’t have the sun room I’ve always thought I’d like to have a sunny yellow painted sewing room with an overstuffed floral couch on one wall and bright cotton fabrics strewn all around to make the room look cheerful & fun. I imagine it’d look something like this .

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@geeky_mama I love that so much. Also thanks for the light idea. As I am moving from a very sunny place to a not so sunny place. So all these ideas I am keeping in mind. I am aware that weather effects me deeply. That room is heaven to me I love it. I wish sunshine started within and flowed out! and not the other way around.

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