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Random president game, who gets to be your "candidate" (see details)?

Asked by ucme (45479points) October 27th, 2012

Just a silly little harmless game question, yeah…one of those!
Click on this, Pick your celebrity president to see your selection, only if you really want to though.

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LOL I got Lady Gaga. that can’t be good

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I got Alec Baldwin. I cant help but picture Jack Donaghy as President lol

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Ellen DeGeneres.

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Just for the record, I got The Rock…....must be stoned.

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@ucme I could just imagine him during a speech to America; can j00 smeeeeeell what Mr President is cookin’!

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@Symbeline Haha, yeah. Fake wrestler becomes fake political leader, not a great leap.

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I’m going to cry. I got… Meat Loaf.

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I’ll do anythiiiiing for America, but I won’t do that!!

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@Symbeline: Thank you for making me titter. I can never decide who is the funniest jelly on here, you or @ucme.

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Wow. Nancy Cartwright. And she’d probably be better than either of the current candidates.

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Someone I have never heard of. This game blows.

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John Grisham.

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OMG!!! Don King!!! I suck, truly.

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I got John Grisham.

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Oh yesss! I got Ophra Winfrey. I would vote for her anyday. Cars and trips for everyone.:->

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Nancy Cartwright, aka the voice of Bart Simpson.

Dutchess_III's avatar

2nd time around…Tina Turner!!

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Clint Eastwood. Look out Al Queda!

WillWorkForChocolate's avatar

Haha, I got Nancy Cartwright! Eat my shorts!

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Yay! I got Peyton Manning…..touchdown!

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Geez, I got Madonna. With what I chose I should have gotten Natalie Portman, but I didn’t see her on there.

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George Clooney

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Cheers folks good stuff.
@ragingloli Then why the fuck did you bother playing then?

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