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Isn't 50,000 IU of Vit D a little extreme for a 20 year old?

Asked by Lilo777 (109points) October 27th, 2012

My doc put me on a really high dose of Vitamin D (I’ve been deficient for years and years), but isn’t 50000 IU a little much?? I’m only 20 – I do have osteoporosis and only a solitary kidney so maybe that’s why… I’m just afraid of something going wrong taking that high of a dosage. My doctor is garbage and doesn’t explain anything to me so just looking for some outside advice. :)

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I should add that it’s 50000 IU per WEEK… not daily.

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No. It is a very commonly given dosage. I take 50,000 IU once a week, plus 4,000 IU 5 days a week D3 in addition.

If you are nervous why not take 6,000–8,000 IU daily of over the counter D3. D3 is supposed to be better, because your body doesn’t have to convert it.

They should monitor your calcium level, and they can monitor your kidney function also if that is a concern. I think D is mainly about the liver notthe kidneys, but double check me on that.

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that is a fairly standard dose.

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That’s a standard Rx dose. I took it for three months. Do get your calcium levels checked.

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@Lilo777; Your doc should be doing blood work regularly in order to make sure that that is the correct dosage. He should be paying attention to the fine tuning.

If you think he is garbage, please find another PCP who will pay better attention. You are very very young to have osteoporosis.

High dosages are used initially to establish a base line.

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You deserve and need a doctor you trust. You have no obligation to stay with him/her—do you have any friends who really like their doctors?

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Wow! That’s a lot. My rheumatology work up found a Vitamin D deficiency, and I was prescribed 2000 IU daily, which is just 14,000 IU per week. I am going back for my follow-up on Tuesday (hurricane-permitting), hopefully it’s helping, because I can’t imagine having to take 7 of those horse pills every day!

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@hearkat Do you remember what your D level was? I am curious to know if the 2,000 IU brought you up to normal. When I took that amount I was still severly dificient. In fact, I took it when I had acheived normal levels with prescription D, and then was taking 2,000 IU to maintain, and my numbers plummeted. But, my husband only takes D in his multivitamin, I don’t remember exectly, I know it is below 1,000 IU and his level is fine, but he goes in the sun during the summer. I am wondering because I wonder if I am having trouble absorbing vitamins. My doctor tells me tons of her patients need the 50,000 IU or they take around 6,000 IU daily.

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My first follow-up will be Tuesday, if the storm allows. I,honestly haven’t been taking it religiously, to be honest, but it’s a goal of mine to be more consistent with it—especially now that the days are so much shorter.

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I am not religious about my vitamins either. I am amazingly perfect about prescription meds, I don’t know why I am not the same about vitamins and minerals. I actually take the 50,000 IU every monday, and then the other D more like 6,000 every couple days or so, because when I miss a day I just add more D when I do take it. Iron same thing, I take a pretty large dose when I do take it, about 4–5 days a week, it should be daily,

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@hearkat The Rx 50,000 unit dose is actually just one pill, once a week. My D level was listed as “virtually 0” on my lab reports, so I had a lot of catching up to do.

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@augustlan – holy cow! It must be ginormous!

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@hearkat Oddly enough, they really aren’t. I have no idea how they do it, but it’s a very manageable size!

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@augustlan- Oh… it’s a liqui-gel. They’re not too bad at all!

My non-prescription supplements are whole-food sourced, so I guess they can’t concentrate it to the degree that the fully synthetic versions are; plus they have other substances in there:

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