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Who is living your dream??

Asked by AmWiser (14947points) October 27th, 2012

If you’re not really living your dream. Who is? Be it your child, or someone you admire. What are they doing that you wish you would/could have done/accomplished?

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I’m living my dream, minus more money. lol
My dream has always been peace, serenity, country living and just in-joying life.
In terms of professions though I would love to be a wildlife documentary flim maker or a stand up comedienne. I’m pretty damn funny but so far, nobody has paid me to make them laugh.

If I lived closer to the big city I’d be doing more comedy open mic nights, but…I am not interested in being out til 2 or 3 in the morning competing at the big clubs and having an hour plus drive home so, I just zing my humor around with whoever is present in the moment. :-)

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I do a little more of it every day !!

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My life has been much more exciting than I envisioned. I want to be a housewife in Iowa raising kids and entering things I made (crafts and food) in the Iowa State fair. That’s not what happened in my life. Would I have been happy in that life? Probably.

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I am just about to embark on it!

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Well, Benjamin Millepied is currently boffing Natalie Portman.
Quenton Tarentino writes and makes the movies I love.
Some asshole in Texas took $10,000 from my Mom, and has a photo ID with my name on it, so I guess he qualifies. He is in jail, now, so maybe not.

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