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Percentage to ratio?

Asked by Sapphire_Frenzy (90points) October 28th, 2012

(This may seem like a very stupid question, however I just want to lay the ground work to make sure I’m doing this right)

If I want to express 20% of one thing, and 80% of another thing as a ratio, am I right in thinking it would be expressed as 1:4?

Thank you.

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It would help if you gave an example, to ensure it makes sense, as is seems weird to compare different percentages of different things as a ratio.

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A man has a fungal nail infection but doesn’t like to take medication. He is advised by his doctor of homemade remedy consisting of 20% Clorox bleach to 80% water. Express this as a ratio.

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I have to apply ratios to physics, biology and chemistry

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Yep, that’s right.

Reason it makes sense is the ratio expresses the relationship between parts of the same thing.

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Yes, it is 1:4, one part bleach, four parts water.

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20% = 20/100
80% = 80/100

20% : 80% = 20/100 : 80/100 = 20 : 80 = 1 : 4

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