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Christmas ideas for my high school girlfriend?

Asked by lakers123454321 (7points) October 28th, 2012

So, I know it might be early, but I am trying to figure out what to get for my girlfriend. I am a Freshman, and she is a Sophmore. She just got her license, so she does have a car. I only have roughly 25 dollars to spend. I would like to get her something customized, however I am open to all ideas. Any suggestions?

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The best presents take wit to figure out. You can’t just get her what she says she wants. You have to know what she likes and what she has wanted before though I’m not saying to get her something she hates now, unless she would understand and appreciate the joke. In which case, that would be a great present.

The details you give are far too vague. Be more specific about what she likes and doesn’t.

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A gift cerificate for a loving custom service, such as a dinner for two that you cook.

Or four free detailed car washes, interior and exterior.

Or a day trip to somewhere you know she might enjoy…museum, beach, riverfront lunch, hike in the foothills, concert.

A month of foot massages.

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She also loves dance.

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Do you live near a place with theater productions, then?

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Are there places you can go out dancing? Or, is there nowhere for underage? Taking her dancing would be a lot of fun.

As far as a gift, you need to watch and listen for some clues of what she might want. Maybe take her to the mall one day, you can say you are going to shop for your brother for christmas or whatever, and you might get lucky and she will point out some things she likes also.

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i was thinkning more material gifts

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what about those custom m and m’s?

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OR I was thinking of making her a fleece blanket. Can anyone give me the link to a good fleece fabric for a dancer?

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I meant material gift also, but taking her dancing in addition is nice too.

What type of dance? Ballet? Hip Hop? Fleece comes with lots of different logos and possibilities. That is a really nice idea.

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well she is on the dance team at school, but idk what that woud be considered. I

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A keychain with her name engraved on it.

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How does she listen to music? What about a monogrammed cover for her ipod?

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How about tickets to a production (an affordable one, maybe the Junior Theater) of The Nutcracker?

A charm bracelet with a dance related charm, maybe ballet shoes (find out what type of dance she does) maybe a car, maybe a heart, maybe a Christmas tree. There’s a bunch of charms on This Site for dancers including ballet, tap, the word dance, gymnast-style dance etc.

On This Site you can design your own water bottles. Maybe you can make one for her car with a romantic photo of the two of you together, or a picture of her pet or her doing a dance routine, or something else that you find meaningful.

Or a Custom Photo Book

I like the idea for a coupon for a romantic picnic somewhere. Start figuring out where you want to have this picnic and then go to someplace like Whole Foods and start checking out the selections in their cold deli. If you don’t already have a cooler, buy one or borrow one from a friend. Your “date” can be whenever it’s convenient for the two of you, but figure out what you want to eat first. You’ll want sandwiches (which you can make yourself, or buy at your favorite sandwich deli, I love Capriotti’s Sandwich Shop, they even have vegetarian turkey sandwiches!) then you’ll want one or 2 small side dishes like couscous salad with cranberries and walnuts, or red potato salad, or chicken salad with quinoa, grapes and almonds. Whatever you like. They’ll come packed for convenience in Small Plastic Containers Maybe some fancy olives. Don’t forget about the gourmet chips, a dessert like brownies or giant chocolate chip cookies with macadamia nuts, and a couple of bottles of fancy soda like these ones from Izze Sweep her off her feet with your romantic surprise and knowledge of good food : )

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If she likes jewelery a necklace of some sort or earrings would probably be nice.
Most girls/women like to get earrings and they are a pretty safe but romantic gift.
If you know her basic tastes.

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About Nutcracker, which I think is a wondeful idea, I recommend going to a good production and seeing if they have student inexepensive tickets, rather than a junior theatre type of thing. I have seen Nutcracker probably 30 times in my life, and having professionals do the big parts, and fantastic stage sets is part of the magic. Maybe your parents will pay for your ticket if she thinks it will be a good experience for you to see the show. If you decide to do it, read about the story so you know what is going on. There is probably a wikipedia page on it.

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^^ Even better idea than mine!

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Hi lakers,
On Christmas, you can buy unique Christmas personalized gifts,Delicious Christmas Chocolate, Beautiful Christmas Flowers, Christmas Cookies, Christmas Gift Baskets and many more. This all are best Christmas Gifts for your Girl Friend. I hope my suggestion is help full to you.

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