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How do you fall out of love?

Asked by jamzzy (885points) June 5th, 2008

i still cant stop thinking about this same girl although ive asked a question about how to deal with it i cant stop basing my life around her. shes in my life in every way

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that would be really hard seeing as shes always there.. just try to forget .. go out with other girls.. if that doesn’t help try separating your self from her.. since you see her all the time thats why you still have these feelings.. i mean you just cant help it.

did you ever go out with her?????

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she was my girlfriend for a year and if you can see the toher question i asked it will get you more familiar lol

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love is kinda like a hangover…sometimes only time can heal the pain.

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yeah just give it time.. that sux that after a year this all happened.. i hope you feel better.. and you should start talking to other girls .. you have to let her go eventually.. it will hurt trust me. but its better that way.. go on with your life and eventually she will realize that she messed up..but if u base it on the fact that you guys will get back together then your not going anywhere.. maybe she will find someone and that will hurt the most. so dont keep your hopes up and try to move on.. i hope you feel better

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love is kinda like a hangover…sometimes only more booze can heal the pain.

Seriously. There isn’t a magic potion to heal things. Everyone is a little different and what will help you probably won’t help me.

Find out how to put some distance between the two of you and give it lots of time. It took about a year to get over my first serious girlfriend. Be prepared, it could take a while.

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same way you fell in love i guess

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yeah I use to have that same problem except she was just my friend. After seeing how she was for two years I realized this is not the girl for me. All i did was that I stop hanging around her for like 3 months then I met my melly… My soon to be wife… I love her. And I always will.

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