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Why would a web site not appear in a regular Chrome browser tab but does appear in an incognito Chrome browser tab?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (30606points) October 28th, 2012

A site I like has changed its server, and when it did, I got the server’s home page when clicking on the original site’s link. By mistake, I clicked the link when I had an incognito window open one day, and lo and behold, the site popped up as plain as day.

I contacted both the site owners and the new server company to inform them. Neither had any explanation.

Why this discrepancy in where the site shows up?

I checked and the site does show up when I use Internet Explorer.

I’m using simple Google Chrome. I do not use any ad blocker. I haven’t fiddled with the web browser or my computer in any way. I use Kaspersky anti-virus software, if that matters.

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As far as I know, the main difference between Incognito and regular Chrome is that cookies are disabled and any extensions are also disabled, as well as browsing history being hidden. I doubt that the cookies have anything to do with it, so you might have an extension that is preventing the page from loading properly. You can disable extensions by going to the wrench menu -> tools -> extensions.

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Although I’m still interested in this question, the web site is now visible in a regular Google Chrome browser tab. Evidently, the fixed it.

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I started having problems with Google Chrome back in early August. I posted about it on the Chrome Forum here. So far, the thread has generated 224 comments. Google personnel are chiming in blaming this and that software. One trick that some have posted is to minimize the window, then maximize it again. That works for me. But just using Firefox works a lot better. I’m done with Chrome till they fix it, and I will believe they finally have it fixed when the responses to my thread finally taper off.

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I’ve noticed that when I stream HD Video on Chrome the picture stutters but its fine in Firefox. I wonder if I stream it in an incognito window it might work better?

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@RareDenver Let’s test. I do use the browser history from time to time to get back to a page I have visited. Most often, it’s to provide a link here. But I suppose I could make other arrangements to keeping a list of useful URLs if incognito browsing makes Chrome happy for me. I’ve just switched to almost exclusively using Firefox for now.

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@ETpro still stuttering in incognito

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@RareDenver Well scratch that sliver of of hope.

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