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Where should I start with JJ Cale & Loudon Wainwright?

Asked by wildpotato (14903points) October 28th, 2012

I discovered both these wonderful musicians recently, but their discographies are rather large and I wasn’t able to Shazam in time to figure out what I was listening to when I found them. Do you have any favorite albums or songs of theirs, or did you have a good experience beginning with a particular album or song?

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JJ Cale wrote After Midnight, which was recorded by Eric Clapton, originally in 1971. It is one of those rarities that has moved into the “classic” category.

Wainwright also achieved (IMHO) classic status. Although he was first known as a comic/novelty writer with Dead Skunk, I found his songs to be extremely well crafted.

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I haven’t found much by Loudon Wainwright that I enjoy but his son, Rufus, is a very prolific and eclectic songwriter. You may enjoy him as well.

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I’ve just got two of his, both recordings of sea chanteys he did for the Rogues Gallery compilation. I enjoy both Turkish Revelry and Good Ship Venus. But Good Ship Venus is definitely the more memorable of the two.

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