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Do you fear being finite?

Asked by Soubresaut (11196points) October 28th, 2012

I don’t mean mortal. Rather, your abilities within your mortality: what qualities you have to express, what concepts to inject into the human collection’s greater mass.
Do you ever fear running out? As if you have a discrete count of contributions, and then you can do, give, no more. Or else that you have a single perspective on the world, which once you’ve adequately shared, all you have left to do is to reiterate and rederive and rehash. That if you keep reaching, you’ll break through a blockade, a membrane, everything beyond desolate or inert? That if you keep digging, all you’ll find is a cellophane-wrapped void?
That once you reach the crescendo, all you’ll have left to do is to mimic—a repetitive cog (finite but cyclical) your tangent of velocity pointing to bleaker surroundings as you keep chasing…something? Because you don’t have enough yourself.

You’re running, except every step, you don’t know if you’ll pull your foot through in time to intercept the ground. You’d rather run than walk, but walking seems more sensible; your stepping more sure, less pounding impact; the destination, across time, more distant. Why run?

Back to the initial question: do you ever fear you’re finite? Or not even that?

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No. I feel that I will rise to the occasion.

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For me it is more about what I allow to decide to be limits for myself. I also will never know everything and in that sense already know that I don’t need to worry about something like this. In some ways I’d embrace what comes next when I have reached my time.

If reality is perception then it is just a matter of my choosing to feel like I’ve met my ends. Least that is how I look at it.

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Nope, my massive ego prevents this.

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Interesting question.
However I feel like the more that you use it the more that you have.
And when I feel like I have reached my buddha, I find it worthy of smashing and continuing. As depressing as that sounds I always feel like I come away with more. I view it as rebirth I still am in the same life I come from my past it has fertilizes the future.

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I like wind sprints personally, figuratively and literally. Bouts of passion, recovery and pedistrian reoinvigorated by pedistrainism.

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No. There are still new things to discover, investigate, and recount. I’m on it.

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Nah, there are no limitations on me. I will always be limitless as long as I remember that.

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Even if all knowledge were somehow frozen, there is no way that I could acquire more than a tiny fraction of it. As it is, there are new discoveries are being made all the time. The only finitude that I worry about is the time I have left. I sometimes say that there are certain things that I will have to put off learning for the next life. If only.

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Not really. I know I’m worthless. It doesn’t matter what I do. No stranger is ever going to appreciate it in a way that I can understand or believe. So I do what I do because I think it might make a difference. If someone says so, great, and if they don’t, great. I still keep on doing what I think is the right thing to do.

I know that I’ll never run out of ideas unless I do, but if I run out of ideas, I’ll be too stupid to appreciate it. So it won’t matter.

And if I do expect to be successful, I’ll die. I nearly died last time I had delusions of mattering. It was only by giving up that idea that I was able to survive.

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Matter cannot be destroyed,

I’m as forever as I am awesome.

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Finite is fun. It motivates me to create and problem solve.

Imagine you were multitalented in everything, versus being given a single talent. What would be more confusing? The former, probably. So the problem isn’t about finity in general, it’s finity in specific domains that you particulary care about.

I dunno: we’re remarkable resilient. If you we’re born blind your other senses will probably be sharper. There’s so much underdeveloped potential in all of us, I don’t see us even close to the limits of what we are capable of.

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Choke on my positive attitude ; )

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Choke? I think not. But if it’s any consolation, you did make me laugh. You’re a hoot, @Crashsequence2012!

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