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What do you think is the hardest sport to officiate/judge?

Asked by jlelandg (3536points) June 5th, 2008

I am watching the NBA finals right now. Being a basketball official I’m curious what my fellow jelly-fish think.

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Hockey, I would think. It’s such a fast game I don’t see how they can even follow the puck.

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I don’t really watch it, but Rugby seems like something that would be hard to get a close up view.

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i officiate basketball, a bit of hockey, and i also do a bit of sports management. basketball, i find is easy. hockey is harder because theres more going on. by officate i mean, scoring and timing, as well as penalties, shot clock, fouls, all the other behind the scenes stuff.

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Having played rugby, the calls aren’t that hard to make once you understand the game and it’s rules. Most of the time the calls during our games were correct and legit. The call that my teammates and I didn’t like was the no-blood-no-play call. If you get an injury and you can’t see any blood, you’re out for the rest of the game. If you see blood, you’re back in (given the injury isn’t too serious, of course).

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Evidently cycling. Everyone is/seems to be cheating, so how do you officiate?

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Football. That’s a lot of field and you have to keep an eye on 22 people. Also look how many breaks in the rules don’t get caught and how many catches get overturned.

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At least in football they have the instant replay. A few other sports should begin to reap the benefts of the 20th century.

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Never really followed many sports, football seems a somewhat difficult game to officiate, especially if you’re on the field as many big football teams always seem to end up pushing each other about with the referee in the middle of it all. At least the scoring system is easy as pie in football, if it’s in it’s in, if not…it’s not.

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Before technology came to the rescue, a cricket umpire was probably the hardest. Not only do they have to make split second judgements about whether a ball travelling at 90mph nicked the edge of the bat, they also have to, for a leg before wicket decision, judge where it would have gone had it not hid the batsman’s leg.

Judging a sport with subjective decisions based on exteremly fast action, i.e. diving, figure skating, gymnastics must also be very tough, especially to achieve consistency

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