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What is a recipe substitute of mushrooms?

Asked by YARNLADY (42314points) October 28th, 2012

I found a recipe that is mostly green beans, mushrooms and onions. Some of my family doesn’t like mushrooms, what can I use instead?

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Try roasted, skinned and cut in strips red bell peppers.

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The recipe looks delicious to me. Considering how important mushrooms are in this dish—it calls for a pound—I wouldn’t attempt a substitute. Rather, I think I’d let the mushroom lovers enjoy this as is and fix something else for the fungus-averse.

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@Jeruba I am planning on doing the original one.

@Sunny2 Thanks, that would look very good and be tasty as well.

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I think you could use cut up chunks of cooked chicken or beef in place of the mushrooms. It’s usually the texture of mushrooms that some people don’t like. If you want to retain the mushroomy flavor, without having the texture of the schrooms you could add some Dried Mushroom Powder

I’m thinking that some waterchestnuts might be a good substitution for the schrooms too. Or you could use Trader Joe’s Organic Baked Tofu which is not squishy at all and has a taste and texture that is very similar to chicken. I’ve used it in several creamy cold vegetable salads and my meat eating relatives like it. They thought it was either chicken or cheese chunks. I think it would be a perfect sub for schrooms, because it has that umami flavor without any squishiness.

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Oh, waterchestnuts sounds good. I am also thinking of chopped garbanzo beans. I have some tofu in the freezer, so I might thaw that out and try it.

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