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Do you agree with this quote? Why or why not?

Asked by Evelyn_475 (787points) October 28th, 2012

I’m looking to see a healthy discussion from you intellectual fluthers on this quote: “I LOVE MY CHILDREN ENOUGH NOT TO HAVE THEM.” What does it mean to you? Do you agree or disagree? I had a very interesting conversation about this topic with someone recently.

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It’s one way to describe giving a child up for adoption, or having an abortion. Often, an unprepared parent that does not carry a child to term or gives it up is doing the best possible thing for a child, avoiding the raising of a child under less than desirable circumstances.

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The Fortitude of a parent is suggested to be defined as what a parent is willing to do or not do for the sake of a child. I agree with your quote. Some parents love their children so much that the only thing they can do is understand that they cannot give the child the life that they think they deserve. And as @zenvelo sais this manner of feelings is often associated with abortion. Some may say it is selfish because the child itself has no say but realisticly the child will never have a say and its up to the parent to decided the life in which the child is to be raised or not. And the sacrifice that comes with that choice can be staggering.

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I have several friends who are bad parents. They will acknowledge this themselves.
Some people simply should not breed.

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Which children?

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I agree completely and most people do not understand me. I love children and always wanted a large loving family, but as time has passed and my husband has health issues (making finances a little more strenuous) and a nervous disorder, we decided it would be better for us not to have children, and better for the ‘children’ as well.

Fortunately we have taken responsiblity for our reproductive health and we haven’t been put in a position to make hard choices like adoption or abortion.

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It means I know I wouldn’t be a good parent, so to spare the child a sub-par life, I won’t create them.

Too bad others don’t think that way.

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I have a hard enough time dealing with my cat constantly meowing at me when I come home. So a baby that weighs down your life for 20 years at least? This is why I use birth control and if that ever failed, why I’d have an abortion. I also realize this world is disgustingly overpopulated and the reason for that is people that don’t agree with that quote. “Oh I can reproduce so I might as well!” No, you have terrible genes and a poorly functioning brain, please just use a condom and spare us.

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@deni That’s what I think but am loathe to say because people think I’m weird about this subject anyway.
You’d have to be a narcissist to actually believe your dna is so superior to the rest of mankind that you NEED to reproduce.
And everyone knows that our natural resources are limited, and we have tons of children that need homes already (see Brad and Angelina’s brood).
And another thing, it’s not rocket science and bunny rabbits and fleas can reproduce in large amounts, it doesn’t take a genius to have a child, but it may take an intelligent species to have sex and not have babies, or to raise someone else’s child.

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If I were younger and considering whether to have children today, it would be a very hard decision but I would probably choose not to, the world and the planet is in such a mess it seems neither fair nor right to bring children into it.

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I think it is an incomplete quote. I believe the entire quote should be “I love my children enough not to have theM LIVE WITH ME, AGAIN”.

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