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So who's received their JellyShirts?

Asked by shockvalue (5800points) June 5th, 2008

Pics or it didn’t happen.

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I got mine two days ago!

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I got mine this afternoon!

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i want one!!

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@shockvalue, I like your house!

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I got mine yesterday. I got a small and it fits great everywhere except the length. It seems to be made for someone who is 6’4” and I’m about 5’6”. I havn’t washed it yet though so hopefully it will shrink up. it sure does look awesome though!

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@randy: I have the same problem, I’m 5’7” but fortunately I have a long torso… American Apperal has really skewed sizing.

@ezraglenn: Thanks! that’s my room, I still have green paint on a pair of my pants from painting it a few years back…

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@shockvalue, you look like a heavy-duty hardcore shredding quitarist!

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I got mine yesterday afternoon, I am wearing it right now!

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Another week yet, hope it fits okay otherwise it would have been a useless purchase :|

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Shockvalue… looks good on you!

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I created a Flickr Group where you can upload action shots of your JellyShirt.

Join the group and upload your photos.

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great idea!!

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I joined the flickr group. PICS!!!!

here’s me unable to contain my excitement!

thanks to shockvalue for helping me make the .gif!

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Shockvalue is not quite the image of a “heavy-duty hardcore shredding guitarist”. Look at that earnest face!

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Lies! He’s just thinking of shredding on top of giant stone pillars that have recently shot from the ground hundreds of feet high in the air, whilst lightning strikes sync with his awesome soloing, lighting the ground on fire.

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… I dig it!

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I have mine now, came this morning but I’m wearing my other t-shirt at the moment hehe :)

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Mine came around a week ago. I also ordered one for my boyfriend! His came too. :D
We love them.

I’ll try to snap a shot when I get a chance.

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@RareDenver – cool shot!!! I like the flash behind your hand! That was awesome. Great effect! LURVE

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@Bri_L shame I hadn’t spotted the mirror was a bit mucky !

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@RareDenver – I am serious. I really like the look!

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