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Google Chrome issue: Editing functions disappear?

Asked by garydale (216points) October 29th, 2012

I use lots of Google Apps for work and private functions so I have Google Chrome on my home computer, my laptop and have installed it on my brand new office desktop computer. For some reason several basic functions aren’t working on my desktop, such as:

Cannot make bold, italics, underline, etc., as I normally would be able. I highlight the section I want to edit but when I click on the editing icon (bold, italics, etc.) the curser jumps to the beginning of the text.

When I try to make a hyperlink it will put the actual link before the text and not hyperlinking the text.

Click functions:
In some cases I can click on certain buttons or tabs in Gmail but they won’t work. For instance, when I am in Gmail if I try to click to go to Contacts nothing happens. It won’t go.

Auto fill for e-mail addresses:
Normally when I am typing e-mail addresses when sending mail Google auto fills e-mail address options and I confirm the right one by clicking return and the e-mail address is automatically there. Now the auto fill starts but when I confirm by return the auto fill will only add the portion of the e-mail address that has already been typed and not the entire e-mail address.

Syncing on Google Apps:
I use Scribefire for blogging. It seems to be synced on my home computer and laptop but not on my office computer.

I tried out Firebox and Explorer. None of these problems occur so I believe this issue is with Google Chrome. At the same time, I am not having these issues on my home computer and laptop.

Does anyone have any idea what could be causing this and how should I fix it?

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Disable all of your extensions and try. The red flag here is that gmail isn’t working for you. Once you have confirmed that it works fine, enable one extension at a time until you find the problem.

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