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Boring question #59: How many of those wooden stir sticks does the average Starbucks Coffee place run through?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26783points) October 29th, 2012

At the start of the day Starbucks has the bin full, depending on the Starbucks if you stop back by at the end of the day most are gone. How many times do they fill it up, if they ever have to? I have noticed some people take 2 to stir instead of 1. How many trees would all those stir sticks US wide equal to? With everyone so germophobe why do they not have them in plastic like Carrow’s have their toothpicks?

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I never understood those sticks. When you pour half & half into your coffee, it doesn’t require stirring. And if you are adding sugar to your coffee, why not just walk across the street to Dunkin’ Donuts or 7–11?

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Seriously, I have no idea. That said, Tim Hortons rules.

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Haha….who the hell knows.
They should make dissolving stir sticks out of something that goes well with coffee.
Hey…I wonder if that’s been invented. Flavored, dissolving stir sticks.

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All of them, and then they order more.

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Agggghhhh, I hate those sticks! Worse, some places make them out of plastic. What a brilliant use of oil. Just pour the milk in, blow the top slightly, and it’s mixed within seconds. Stop wasting resources on this stupid shit. OR start charging $10 apiece for them.

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Yes, they have but they’re pretty expensive.

Some people just use (and reuse) a cinammon stick.


Unfortunately, if one adds sugar, it does require stirring or else you end up with a syrupy glob at the end :)

But I agree with you on the wastefulness. I always get a regular straw which gets used for drinking as well as stirring and works much better than those flimsy skinny plastic ones.

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At the Starbucks I go to, zero, because they only use plastic. And the little green cap plugs bug me more, all of a sudden people need those too.

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@Buttonstc Who puts sugar in their coffee? Eww.

@zenvelo I remember Starbucks having those plugs a few years ago, for like 5 minutes… are there places that still use them? I wonder if they were removed due to complaints.

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They are at all the Starbucks in the San Francisco Bay Area that I go into.

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Well, obviously, I do :)

To each his own.

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Note, only a neanderthal or a Philistine would not use cream and sugar in their coffee

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