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Is Justin Long worth all the attention he's getting?

Asked by jlelandg (3536points) June 5th, 2008

I see that guy in so many things. Just in case you’re saying who he’s here:

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he just has a familiar face, plus hes boning a hot girl. your not gonna forget his face….right now your advertising him haha

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I like the Mac commercials (although I like PC guy better). I liked Dodgeball (especially when he gets pelted with the wrenches). He played a good freaked out kid in Jeepers Creepers. He’s got a cute face. So I guess he’s worth it. =/

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I like him well enough. He’s a decent actor.

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He was extremely charming on Ed. I wish I could get that show on DVD. Warren P. Cheswick, you rocked my world a little.

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I liked him in Accepted, he’s really cute. He’s got the same uncool hotness going on as Shia LeBeouf (soo hot!)

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dude, hes in the apple commercials, so hes a boss

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he is doing better than the dude you got a dell guy from a few years ago.

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exactly, and thats all that matters

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The stoner girl mac ads were the best.

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