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Help me hide the evidence!

Asked by Judi (39784points) October 29th, 2012 from iPhone

I snuck into the haloween candy. I’m supposed to be being good on my diet.
I ate an “airhead” candy. I guess it’s probably the first time. My tongue is purple!! I really didnt know that would happen. How do I fix it before my husband gets home?? Am I going to be busted? This feels like one of those ink packets the banks put in with the money they give robbers.

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Quick, make some grape kool aid or drink some grape juice.

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Turn the lights down low and light a few candles. He’ll just see the sparkle in your eyes.

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@chyna, I don’t have any and they would be off the diet too!!

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Have you tried brushing your tongue with toothpaste?

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Eat the white and pink airhead to change the color back.

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My mind goes more towards NSFW.Then blame it on him.

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@LuckyGuy, I’m in California. I have a long way to wait before it gets dark!!
@filmfann, not yet but by the looks of it that won’t be enough, even with my sonic care.
@Blackberry, do you think that will work?
@Adirondackwannabe, that might scare him.

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@Judi He’s a guy. We like scary.:)

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Tell him it’s a temporary tongue tattoo, for Halloween.

PS: If you’re going to eat some contraband candy, at least eat something really good. Snickers > Airheads!

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Uhh, what’s the worst that could happen? Is your husband an overly zealous guardian of the halloween stash? And an airhead has what, about 60 calories? I’m guessing it was probably a mini one in a bag, so those have even fewer calories.

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Jeez, this is so simple. Tell him you just robbed a bank, picked up the cash with your teeth and voila-! Btw, you could just ask him to help you hide the evidence…the romantic way. French kissed lately? Lol.

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Pee a lot.

But first,

Drink lots of water.

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@augustlan, I purposely didn’t get chocolate. I thought this would be easier to resist.
@bookish1, that was on top of the 3 packs of Swedish fish and 1 sour patch kid, but who’s counting?
@mazingerz88, why didn’t I think of that?
@wundayatta, ? Pee?

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I agree brush your tongue, and drink some water.

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Is this going to make my pee purple too? Is that the appeal to adolescent boys??

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Have a hand written note when he walks in the door. “Honey, this is sexy silent night. No talking…actions only, for the next 12 hours.” (Think you can keep your mouth shut that long?;-))

Good Luck!

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@AmWiser, that would be tough!

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Get some sun glasses, tell him you did it, and then do this

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Actually, I swished with water and peroxide. Did the trick. :-)

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“Fess up and say you were busy with something deep in concentration and the next thing you know, you had ate it subconsciously.

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Go lick a cat! The fur will cover up the purple. :D

Imadethisupwithnoforethought's avatar

@WillWorkForChocolate You know what you did right there. I am both disappointed and way more into you.

Adirondackwannabe's avatar

@Imadethisupwithnoforethought I love licking pussy. What’s the disappointing part?

Imadethisupwithnoforethought's avatar

@Adirondackwannabe I don’t want to be motivated by what she did, but I am. I think I am mostly disappointed in myself.

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No, I seriously meant for her to go lick a cat. Dirty minded boys.

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No cats here. Thank God!

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I’m going back to the thread that discusses how to pass a drug test.

If he brings it up, act as surprised as you ever have in your life, go down on your knees immediately, make the sign of the cross and proclaim it a miracle.

You can confess later and beg forgiveness from one who will remain quiet.

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I“m licking til it’s hot wet and sweet.

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The mods might need to edit this NSFW!!

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@Judi In order to pee, you need to drink water. I just ordered them the wrong way around for purposes of amusement. It seems you did what I suggested, with the addition of hydrogen peroxide, which seems brilliant to me!

Now your little secret about breaking your diet is safe with you and all your fluther friends.

Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha hah!

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Self induced peeing, licking cats, drinking chemicals…the hell is the matter with you people!?

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@Symbeline It’s Halloween. I’m disappointed it’s not licking pee and drinking cats. : (

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Purple tongue, make out you just gave Tinky Winky a blow job!

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Your husband does tongue inspection when he gets home??

I don’‘t even want to know if he does pee inspection!!

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@Shippy, have you ever had an airhead candy? It’s pretty hard to ignore. Major dark tongue stain. I wish I had discovered it before I dressed like a zombie for a haloween party on Sunday.

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@judi you could try lemon juice, on a swab. Or vinegar but rinse well.

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Hydrogen peroxide did the trick.

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isnt hydrogen peroxide used to make rocket fuel?

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@psyonicpanda , I guess I’m tough like that. ~

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Say “Purple aliens came and forced me to drink their purple alien juice. I’m. Not. Kidding.” He’ll be convinced for sure.

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I am simply impressed that you have Airheads in your Halloween candy assortment. I have not seen one of those in a looooong time….they were pretty good though…

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