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Would texting him be creeperish?

Asked by aggsalmost18 (76points) October 29th, 2012

This guy liked me two years ago but I wasn’t interested. Now I like him, and I think he still likes me too because I catch him looking at me sometimes. We have no classes together and I rarely see him in the halls so we can’t talk. We’re friends on facebook so I know he’s still single, and he has his cell number on there. Would it be weird for me to randomly text him? I don’t want to seem like a creeper but I don’t know how else to talk to him. Suggestions?

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Do you mean “stalker”? Is this the same guy you have asked about before?

You imply that you are in the same school. If you catch him looking at you sometimes, that means you do have a chance to walk up and ask him for coffee.

Leave a note in his locker; ask him if he wants to meet you for coffee.

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A random text does sound pretty creepy. Texts are usually for “intimate” communication, between friends or family members. Maybe you could call and leave a voice mail?

I don’t know how other (relatively!) young jellies here feel, but I would be creeped out by a random text from someone I’ve never spoken to, and I might not pick up the phone from an unknown number, but I always listen to voicemails.

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I would want to have some kind of a friendship with somebody before I would want them texting me. That said, go ahead and talk to him in person!

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If you’re friends on FB, why not just send him a message there? Or, as others have said, strike up a conversation in person.

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If you had any kind of speaking relationship at all, use the “OHMYGOD this (Song/movie/magazine article/crazy random happenstance) happened today and I thought of you! How you doing?”

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How’s that working for you @Imadethisupwithnoforethought?

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OHMYGOD @chyna!

I was watching the news about West Virginia today and all the snow and I thought of you. How are you doing?

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(eyes roll)

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(rakish smile, knowing the lady doth protest too much)

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Yes, texting is a bit creeperish. So send him a personal message like @augustlan said.

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What’s your thinking about texting? Did you think about a message on facebook? Did you consider calling him (since his phone number is there, and you are friends). I’m not advocating anything in particular. I’m just wondering what your thinking is about these various modes. Unless, of course, you didn’t consider anything except text. Maybe texting seems like the least pushy technique?

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It’s a little creeperish. Mostly, I would wonder why you didn’t just talk to me in person.

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I’d Facebook message (or FB Chat if you catch him online) before I texted him…I wouldn’t call him though, not randomly like that.

He’s got his cell number on Facebook, so I really don’t see why it would be creepy. If you got it some other, more sketchy, way then yeah, but not in this case. And it’s not as if he’s some random guy – y’all know each other, so it’s fine.

I think younger people see texting as serving a much different purpose than older people. I’m 23 and people I know around my age and younger text for any and all purposes. It’s a great way to break the ice without risking an awkward face-to-face with a high school love interest, at least it was when I was in high school.

If you want to text him, text him.

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@livelaughlove21 : I think you are making a generalization about ‘younger people’. I am 24 and most of the people that I know in my age group would be sketched out at receiving a text from someone they didn’t speak to regularly.

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I wouldn’t text like that. Just send him a message on Facebook.

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Creeperish is the word. If you catch him looking at you why not look at him and smile and see how he responds. Or arrange to walk past him and drop something and act a little helpless. That’s how they used to do it and it is nicer and more personal than texting.

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Talk to any of his friends, find out his address. Knock on his bedroom door at night while he’s sleeping and talk face to face there because it’s more private.
Or just let yourself in and watch him sleep, then confront him when he wakes up.

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I don’t know why you wouldn’t just want to talk to this guy in person. I think that would be the best means of communication just in case. And if that doesn’t work you can always woo him with a large plate of bacon. Unless, he is vegan, in that case you can woo him with a large plate of grass.

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@psyonicpanda Or oxygen and to bring it up a notch add ice cubes.

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@bookish1 And that’s probably why you don’t have your cell phone number on your Facebook page.

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Text him, it’s not a big deal.

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You could text him, but make it fun or light hearted! I once like a person, and I text’d a few days before Christmas, and asked “Do you know what Santa is bringing you for Christmas? It could be me!”. It worked out quite well.

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Really @Shippy? That worked for you? I’m dying to hear about it.

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If he’s close enough for you to see him looking at you, you are close enough to walk over to him and say something like, “Hey Ron, you want to go and grab a cup of coffee sometime? We never get the chance to talk.” If he gives you a weird or ugly look (suggesting that you were out of line) then he probably has no interest in you anymore and you should just write it off. If he says “Yeah OK” then have a specific day in mind, like tomorrow or next Tuesday or whatever. If he says something like “Uh, I kind of have a girlfriend.” (which he might even if that status isn’t revealed on his Facebook) then you can just say, “That’s cool, maybe I’ll see you guys around.” Said with a sincere smile. Then just let it go.

Why would you not just simply message him on Facebook saying the same above statement???

Were you “stalking” him at some point? If so, leave him alone.

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