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Question on getting through airport security with vital documents and cash?

Asked by AshlynM (9457points) October 29th, 2012

I’m leaving to visit my parents in a couple of days.

Will I have a problem getting through airport security if I have my birth, marriage and citizenship papers and a few hundred dollars in cash with me? No, I’m not planning on doing anything crazy.

I guess I can always mail my documents but will I have any problems getting past security with these?

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Why would these pose a problem for you? Plenty of people travel carrying important documents, and large sums of money. I certainly have, domestically and internationally. TSA is looking for drugs, weapons, and other contraband. They are not going to pat you down for documents!

I highly suggest that you invest in a travel wallet, which you can find easily on Amazon. They fit under your clothes and are slim so as not to attract the attention of pick-pockets.

Also, you might want to make photocopies of all those documents and either leave them at home, with a trusted friend, or mail them in advance to your parents’ place, just in case something happens to your original documents during transit.

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I have never traveled with vital documents while flying, that’s why I was curious. Anytime I flew, I was only gone for a week or two.

I’m going to be gone for at least three or four months so I thought I would take my documents in case I needed them while I’m at my parents’ place.

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In a word:


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Plenty of people carry hundreds of dollars in cash when they travel. And plenty of people carry documents such as yours at the same time. People don’t look at that stuff going through security, they’re looking for other stuff.

I would photocopy them and leave the originals at home in a safety deposit box., take teh copies if you think you might need them. But you won’t need the citizenship papers unless you are going to Arizona; and you really don’t need anything more than a drivers license unless you are leaving the country.

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You also have a passport to travel internationally?
All the items are okay, cash in $10,000 amount or above will cause a problem if you don’t declare it and it is found ( watched a guy walked off the ramp to plane in Miami with a Federal Marshall after being frisked and a large amount of cash was found ) one more seat for Grand Cayman !

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Even if you have more than 10k it shouldn’t be a problem unless you’re leaving the country.

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Cash is only a problem with international flights, and the limits are usually around $10,000. Documents are not any problem at all. Your passport is similar to the documents you mentioned.

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@Judi Jinx.

Edit: and TropicalWillie too, I didn’t notice he had already mentioned the $10k.

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What is a triple jinx?

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Ok, thanks everyone. I will photocopy my documents, keep the originals at home and take my passport.

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Oh, make sure the documents travel with you, carry on, do not check them. Make sure you have copies of everything at home.

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@JLeslie Don’t worry. Vital documents will be going in my carry on luggage, which will not leave my sight.

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You will never be stopped by security for having too much proof of your identity.

A few hundred dollars in cash is really not that much money at all.

You have nothing to be concerned about.

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@AshlynM You said above you would bring copies. Sometimes you need originals, best to be sure what you actually need. Birth certificates almost always need to be “original copies” when they are necessary for identification.

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By the way, the $10k is an American entry rule when coming into the states from another country, it might be different in other countries. I realize you aren’t carrying close to that on this trip, but thought I would mention it for future reference.

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Which countries are involved in your itinerary?

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@Jeruba Only one, the U.S.
@JLeslie I ended up copying all my vitals documents and left the originals at home…I am sure I won’t need them for anything, but just in case. I am now with my parents. I made it through security just fine, although my bags did get searched at the gate. But I made it through that ok too. I still have all my cash and papers.

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