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Music Question: Have you ever discovered a singer or band and became a fan of them instantly?

Asked by rockfan (7190points) October 29th, 2012

For me, it’s Andrew Bird, he’s a multi-instrumentalist who blends pop, folk, and classical into his music:

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My most recent instant love is Macklemore & Ryan Lewis.

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Not that I can recall

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Yes. Saw Griffin House open at Slims in San Francisco, thought he was great and been following him for about five years now.

I heard the Weepies on the soundtrack to the movie “Friends with Money”, went from the movie to the CD store and bought an album, I love them.

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Yes, the first time I heard John Mayer I knew he would be a sensation. I’ve loved his music from the beginning.

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Amos Lee
Phillip Phillips
Jason Aldean

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Buck 65 Tom Waits Michael Buble are a few to pop into my mind. The instant I heard them I was hooked.
Of course I remember listening to Pink Floyd, Wish you were hear album and that was my first music love.
I didn’t discover these artists in the sense that they were new. It was a personal discovery.

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The Doors in January, 1967.

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Frank Zappa. I was hooked in less than a minute. 42 years later I’m still hooked.

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Too many to list. Sometimes I find them at the very beginning either through an initial release, at a genre show, or as opening act or after they’ve become established. But in the last few years I’ve latched on very quickly [first listen, sometimes even a (partial) single tune] to:

Before the Dawn
Circus Maximus
Eternal Tears Of Sorrow
In Mourning
Man-Eating Tree
Swallow The Sun

And that’s just some metal. Expand beyond that, or even just going back a few years and the list gets much longer, very fast.

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Saw Doctors
Deep Dark Woods
Mark Cohn
Jethro Tull
Tom Russell
Richard Shindell
Dar Williams
Judy Collins

Hell, this list goes all the way back to The Association in the 1960s. I’m not going to list everything!

And it goes back to Beethoven, Mozart, Brahms, Grieg and Dvořák – and a lot more besides! who predate all of these… and will outlast all of these, too.

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Usually no, I have kinda weird taste in music and am a bit hard to please but recently I did fall quickly in love with Father John Misty.

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The most recent one for me has been Gary Clark Jr. . He has such an awesome blend of music, its like The Black Keys but more bluesy mixed with classic rock and a dash of Hendrix.

The way I am with music though is when I discover someone good (which I do often since I’m always searching out new stuff) I tend to get hooked on that artist and listen to as much stuff from them as I can. When I find someone I especially like I’ll generally listen to just them 80% of the time for the next two weeks. Then I move onto the next artist and repeat the same thing. What tends to happen is I’ll discover someone in January listen to a ton of their music and then not really go back to listening to them for another 6–7 months lol.

@rockfan I got hooked on Andrew Bird a couple months ago when I heard him on a local radio station.Good stuff.

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Michael Buble (love at “first listen” a few years back and now my all-time favorite singer), Jason Mraz, Jack Johnson and Eric Hutchinson, just to name a few.

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Happened for me with Alterbridge.

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The Beatles.

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PSY is Gangnam Style’s artist.

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I instantly became a fan of Imagine Dragons. I have all their music.

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