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Carbon monoxide (CO) alarms unreliable after seven years?

Asked by selfe (272points) October 30th, 2012

Do carbon monoxide alarms become unreliable after seven years? Does anybody know why?

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The sensor on most detectors are life limited to ten years. The legal department probably makes them put 7 years on the box.
It is the sensor that wears out in ten years.

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Thank you for your answer, Tropical_Willie. I’m surprised that I didn’t hear about this before. I don’t believe it was written in the instructions and I’m pretty good about reading those when I purchase something… Do other people know about this?

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Yes, there is some chemical/substance in them that has a 7-yer life span.

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At work, we have CO sensors that are still working after 12 years. Maybe the industrial versions don’t have the built in obsolescence.

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Thank you for your input, filmfann. How can they tell that the CO sensors are still working?

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@selfe Press the “TEST” button should give you a response, some are a vocal and some are a series of beeps. The beeps on some are a code to status of detector ( low battery, sensor bad, etc. ). Check the internet for a owners manual.

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As I recall, we use a Sierra 2440 monitor for the underground vault environmental controls. I believe it has a self test on the CO sensor.

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