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OK, so the fridge is bare, you have these ingredients what do you make?

Asked by Shippy (9870points) October 30th, 2012

I always manage to come up with something tasty, so thought this might be fun.

Here are the ingredients:

2 tomatoes
Lump of butter/marge
some Olive Oil
Fresh Herbs galore (since you have a herb garden!)
2 sweet potatoes
cup of flour
cup of macaroni
one pumpkin, or butternut
one green pepper, one red pepper, a chilli pod
red onion
four eggs
a carrot

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Sauté chopped or diced onions, peppers, chili, and carrot in olive oil.. Add chopped tomatoes. Heat. Season.

Serve over cooked macaroni.

Bake sweet potatoes and squash; eat with a little pat of butter right from skin.

Hardboil eggs. Save for late night snack.

Eat almonds out of hand.

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roast your squash, carrot, and potatoes with olive oil and rosemary; fry your onion till caramelized with a little oil, remove onion and add butter and flour to make a roux (thin as desired); drizzle squash lightly with roux and serve.

blacken and peel your peppers; cook your macaroni (herb infused if you prefer) and drizzle with oil from your squash top with fried onion and blackened peppers; add fresh herbs as you desire.

thick slice your tomatoes, dredge with an egg, coat with flour and fry golden; infuse olive oil with fresh chives; whisk remaining eggs with water and fry until just cooked in chive infused oil; top with tomatoes and fresh parsley.

pan roast and eat almonds as snacks or grind a few and add to your squash.

*Edit: you could also make dumplings with roasted squash, carrot, and potatoes; mashed and mixed with egg, herbs, and flour; then divided and boiled and topped with caramelized onion, browned butter, and fried sage.

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slowly heat the olive oil, and add chopped peppers, sweet potatoes and red onion, butter nut, sprinkling with herbs and allow to glaze.

Then in a separate pan, heat the left over onions, add tomatoes, and chilli, add curry powder for a light curry mix and add hard boiled eggs.

Once the veg’s are cooked sprinkle with the almonds.

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I would cannibalise parts from the useless refrigerator, wire them together to make an improvised telephone and then phone for a takeaway pizza.

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Well, if you have flour, milk, cinnamon and a sweetener, I’d make a sweet potato and squash pie with an almond crust. I’d make some kind of tomato pepper dish with the other stuff. Maybe I’d make two pie crusts and make a savory pie in one and a sweet pie in the other. If you don’t have flour, I’d nip over to that neighbor of yours—the one you like so much—and ask her for some. If she didn’t give me any, I’d tie her up and steal it. I would do this the day you leave, though. Or the day before.

Ok. Just a fantasy. But I do like a nice pumpkin pie (which can be made from squash or sweet potatoes or anything of the same color and texture).

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I would make butternut squash pasta using the butternut squash, the macaroni, some diced onion, some chili.

On the side with the flour, eggs, water and pumpkin, I would make a savory pumpkin bread

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@marinelife Savory pumpkin bread? Sounds interesting. I don’t know if I would like it, but it would be fun to try.

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Chopped, anyone?

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I was going to tease @gailcalled for eating almonds out of hand, but you know I threw my macaroni out the window loll!!!

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Thread them on a string for a really elegant necklace. Wear on your plane trip to the UK, particularly if you’ll be flying first class.

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When do you leave?

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Q: OK, so the fridge is bare, you have these ingredients what do you make?

A: Reservations.

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Chuck out the flour and mac, then make one hell of an omelet.

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