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If you could be something other than human, what would you be, and what would you want to fall in love with?

Asked by Luiveton (4157points) October 31st, 2012

You could be anything; a fictional character, a devil, a centaur, literally anything. What would you be??

And then.. what would you want to fall in love with? A fallen angel maybe? Something that goes against what you are?

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I would be a Lion but, woe is me! I have fallen in love with and tuna….what am I going to do.

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I would be the Joker and I’d fall in love with Batman just to spice things up.

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But what if Batman was in love with TwoFace…..sounds like Drama.

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Kelly Brooks’ knickers.

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I would want to be the Ocean, in love with the Land.

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I would be a grizzly bear and fall in love with a salmon.

No. I would be the Parthenon and fall in love with Westminster Abbey.

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I’d be a unicorn and fall in love with a gorgeous black stallion. Can’t you just see the offspring? (assuming the horn is a dominant gene)

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I’d be this and fall in love with this.

(Chapeaux courtesy of @rooeytoo.)

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I would be a drone bee in love with the queen bee. After the one and only time I get to have sex with her, my genitals will break off inside of her, and I will die, and I will get to say I exploded my genitals for the one I love.

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@Sunny2 – I’m only imagining the birthing process. Passing a horn? Ouch!

A chaotic-neutral half-elf Ranger with 18/89 strength, 18 Intelligence, Dexterity and Wisdom, and a Charisma of 21. I’ll even take a CON of 16. ^_^

Love? Love is a verb. Keep it moving.

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I’d be one of my pet geese. Beautiful goose barn with windows and shutters and a gooseport. His & hers swimming pools with sun umbrellas, a lovely landscaped enclosure with smoke trees and bamboos, delicious custom blended feed with cracked corn, flax and sunflower seed. Tubs of floating romaine lettuce and organic dandelion greens, loaves upon loaves of 10,000 grain bread and I would fall in love with myself. ;-)

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Doesn’t anyone want to fall in love with a fallen angel? Or better yet, a raven mocker?? Drama drama drama.

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An osprey. I would be in love with flying.

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A crow, in love with the wind, its carriage and breadth.

A comet, affairs with the suns, in love with inertial ramble and odyssey.

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A free parrott and my mate, that’d be cool.

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I would be a fallen angel and I would fall in love with a bad ass!

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A phoenix but I have an Icarus bent and have fallen in love with the sun…. screw rebirth… or am I constantly rebirthing… Idk.

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I love other species, but being a human is freaking awesome. I would only want to be a human with wings and the gift of flight.

And I would love salamanders, obviously.

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@Seek_Kolinahr As with most animals with horns, the horns don’t emerge until after birth, but you’re right, what you are picturing would be be a situation you’d want to avoid.

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I want angel wings.

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