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What is your best dry rub recipe for BBQ'd meat?

Asked by marinelife (62450points) October 31st, 2012

Tell me all. No leaving out the secret ingredient.

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Montreal seasoning

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I looked that up, @filmfann; it looks interesting.

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Three Beers, here are the locations for ribs and pork butt. Put mustard on as a glue first.

Chicken mayonnaise first and Dizzy Pig Tsunami Spin .

Beef agree with @filmfann Montreal seasoning

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I second montreal seasoning for steaks. It’s so good!

If you mix old bay seasoning with brown sugar, and put it on pork ribs, that’s really good too.

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I generally make my own. I make different rubs depending on the animal the meat came from and the cut. I also use them in my non meat dishes.

I usually start with one of Alton Brown’s or Bobby Flay’s dry rubs and change them to suit my personal preferences. I doubt either of them would recognize my rubs as being theirs when I am done. I can’t really tell you what ingredients I use as I don’t write them down and change them almost every time I make them.

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I start with these and then customize however you feel like.

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I was making country style pork spareribs. I used:

black pepper
chili powder
garlic powder

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Your resident vegetarian gives Ten Options which includes the regional BBQ flavors like Memphis, Carolina and Kansas City styles and then gives some recipes for specific cuts of meats like ribs and brisket. Hope you find something tasty amongst these : )

The above list seems to have left out Texas Style

And here’s one that sounded good just because it has lots of Garlic

This one sounded very intriguing because it includes lots of Indian Spices

Another yummy sounding recipe is this one for a North African Spice Rub which they used with chicken.

And here’s one for an Asian Spice Rub

And if you like things a little on the hot side, you might like this recipe for Spicy Chiles Spice Rub which they enjoyed on shrimp, salmon, scallops and mahimahi.

And here’s one for an Herb Dry Rub with rosemary, sage and oregeno.

I know you asked for a dry rub but I couldn’t help but post this one for a Brazilian Sweet Spiced Wet Rub with vanilla bean, ground coffee, cocoa powder, chipotle powder and rum!

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@Kardamom About the only thing missing from your list is a Jamaican dry rub.

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<< Hangs head in shame

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So @marinelife what dry rub(s) did you end up using?

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@Kardamom See five posts above. It was very good.

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