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Do you have any ideas for a video game?

Asked by AntJR (131points) October 31st, 2012

I’ve come up with tons of them, and I want to read some of what other people have come up with.

One of my games is an RPG, its very similar to Kingdom Hearts(gameplay and story), except, it has a modern present day setting like Pokemon and Earthbound(Mother). The main character has a weapon similar to a keyblade, becuase it also fires beams of light to unlock gateways.

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Dragon Ball Z, MMORPG.

Chose from races: Sayan, capsule corp human, human fighter, namek, bad guy races, traders, and other.

The game would be an MMORPG with missions that let you get from cash to experience, to new moves, or power ups or level ups.

A big part of the game, would be that you would have 7 Dragon balls, only 7 in the entire MMO. If any one player can gather all 7 balls, they get to summon Shenron the dragon, and make a real genuine wish, that the programmers of the game would then honour.

The dragon balls would become worth an amazing amount of money, and would allow for a very unique and new aspect to the MMORPG experience.

A player could unite all 7 dragon balls, and wish anything, from their own planet, to all the cash on the server, or even unlimited awesome power and moves.

The main part of the game would be the sayan vs bad guy quest for absolute power, with a strong side line being building bases, creating and researching technology, and other features.

All servers would be PVP, with no safe areas. And a death would mean a “deleted” or blocked character, that can only play about in heaven, unless revived with the dragon balls.

There would be minimum NPC characters in the game, positions like mayor, “blacksmith”, or other duties would be taken care of by either admins, or special players. Thus allowing trade characters to own shops, space shuttle companies, tournament arenas, and so on.

To prevent PVP madness, you would need to have a harsh consequence, of death leading to characters being stuck in heaven mode.

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A pokemon game that plays out a lot more like the anime; you walk around in a 3D landscape and actually see wild pokemon.

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@Mariah There was a game kind of like that for the N64 called Pokemon Snap, where you just kind of travel around, taking pictures of Pokemon. Only played the demo, but it was kind of a cool, chill out game. Kind of like a safari simulator, but with Pokemon.

My video game would be a slasher simulator. Heavily based on the eighties style of slasher movies like Halloween or Friday the Thirteenth, you would create your own murderer, then run around killing people. It would have the aspects of an RPG and a sandbox game.
Your killer would have statistics like speed, strength…as you play, your killer would become more proficient in certain statistics, depending on what you use more. Busting through doors and walls, or being a sneaky ninja like killer. These would add up, making it so that you could play as different type of killers.
You would also have a weapon proficiency which you choose one of at the start of the game. But you could customize and grow your killer into further proficiencies by using different weapons. So if you want your guy to be good with knives, you keep using them, but you could switch to hammers, chainsaws, or something else to make him or her more versatile and efficient. Many situations might demand the professional use of different types of murder implements.
Basically you can use any weapon you want, but in the game, your killer would have to learn how to use it properly.

You can unlock different accessories, or find them, which help to increase your stats. You would have basic weapons like pipes, or special epic weapons, like ancient daggers that send your victim’s souls to Hell. (which would all have technical influence in the gameplay)
You can also dress up your killer how you want, with all sorts of things. Masks, jumpsuits, monkey costumes, fake clown noses, armor made of spines, whatever. There would be a predefined set at the beginning of the game, but you can unlock more, and many would have beneficial bonuses and boosts to having them. Like plus 4 to strength, or extra damage against bikers.

As you play, you would have to be careful because the game experience adapts to your style of play. Keep busting in through doors and kill in the open, and the authorities will find you faster. Be more subtle and sneaky, it would take longer for you to be a defined cause to your adversaries. Leaving your victims nailed to walls or hanging from branches would also have an impact on future victims. If you freak them out enough, you’ll have an easier time dealing with them…but freak them out too much, and they may retaliate bad…or you could always just hide all the bodies. The choice is yours. Hell, you could even eat them if you want, see what that does, depending on what kind of killer you’re making.

But the more you go on your killing spree, the more opposition you receive. The cops come for you, then the military, or a determined group of civilians…which leads into climax mode. (I know it should be called something else lol) When you’re in epic combat with someone or several people, you have to make it awesome. When you die, you come back, as all slasher killers do…but if your final stand sucked, you may get penalties to deal with as you continue. Like decreased statistics, skills taken away…but if your fight was awesome, you can unlock more goodies to rig your killer with.

You would have missions, like kill a certain person, kill every person, kill only civilians, kill only authoritative figures, the list could be endless. There would, of course, be different areas to play in. Urban settings, country settings, factories, on a train, there would be a lot of variety.

There would also be a victim mode, where you play as a victim (also customizable) where your job is to survive. Survive for a certain period of time, or get from point A to B, or save a person, or help out the cops to stop a murderer.

And of course, an online mode, where you pit your killer against other players’ killers, or a ’‘cat and mouse’’ game between killer and victim.

The game would be open ended and allow you to do anything as a killer, and although you have objectives, my aim in the game would be not only to celebrate slasher movies, but to stop being the good guy for once.

I actually wrote a huge ass thing on this, and I keep on adding to it. It’s kind of a project lol.

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@Symbeline Ooh yeah I played Pokemon Snap! Good game. You couldn’t walk freely though or catch pokemon, which is what I’d love to see.

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As I recall…I think your character was stuck on some kind of traintrack too, and you had limited time to take photos of Pokemon? Was a long time ago. :/

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Yeah that’s exactly right.

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@Mariah A Pokemon game directly based on the Anime? That would be SO awesome! I hadnt thought about that before, that would’ve been the perfect idea, Gamefreak should’ve done that since the first season, then it would’ve been a whole series by now. The game could look similar to Pokemon Colloseum and it’s sequel, and Ash could be the main character, its perfect! :)

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@poisonedantidote That would be a very original concept for a DBZ MMORPG! Theres so many references in the gameplay you metioned that are just like the anime, very clever! :)

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@Symbeline That RPG sounds so awesome, theres so many varieties of serial killers you could be, and those armors you could equip are awesome, especially the armor made of spines, that game is SO well thought out! And Im the same way, my ideas are huge and I keep adding onto them every day! lol :)

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