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Has it ever rained on your Halloween?

Asked by guywithanaccountnow (313points) November 1st, 2012

It never did when I was still the age to be celebrating Halloween, and it occured to me a few months ago how lucky that was. I began wondering if that ever WOULD happen.
And here’s the weird thing: coincidentally, the same year as I began thinking about it, that is what happened!

I kept wondering:
Would all the kids just stay home? If so, did everyone who spent money on costumes and candy just waste it? Do they have to wait a whole year to have their next chance? And how did this make the kids whose first Halloween this was feel?
It occured to me that everyone could treat the next night like Halloween instead, but what’s more likely is that even though everyone will think of that, they won’t be able to know that everyone else has thought of it too, and so no one will be inspired to take action, leaving Halloween just ignored this year.

Some of you must have had it rain or snow on October 31, or even expect it every year. What did/would you do in that situation?

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Halloween was postponed here in Massachusetts last year as well (snow). Often the rescheduled dates are different per town, so you can actually get a few days of trick-or-treating in.

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Trick or treat anyway.

Follow-up with the first homemade hot cocoa of the season.

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Rain pretty much every year is a guarantee here in the UK! It absolutely poured down last night, and there were fewer children out trick-or-treating but generally people just carried on as normal. Our town had a candlelit walk planned for last night, and with a little variety (less walking) it went ahead despite the weather and people showed up for it.

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Heck, one year it snowed so badly we moved the Halloween indoors, invited a bunch of people over and fed them all a warm meal.

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When my older kids were that age (they’re in their 20’s now) we were surprised if it did not snow on Halloween here (in the Denver area).

I grew up in Illinois, and it was usually pretty mild.

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Most of my childhood was spent in Winnipeg, Manitoba. If we didn’t get snow by Halloween, it wasn’t considered normal, lol. I’ve trick or treated in the snow and rain, probably a lot more often than I have in normal Autumn weather.
But I never thought much of it, and it was always fun. All the snow and rain kinda ruin your costume a bit though haha.

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I have seen rain, snow, and freezing temperatures on Halloween before, both as a kid and as a parent. Kids are tough – they still go trick-or-treating. I’ve seen them wrapped in garbage bags, with umbrellas, and bundled up in snowsuits. They don’t stay out as long, maybe.

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I’ve only seen a handful of Halloweens where it wasn’t raining. Its also usually pretty warm out (mid to high 70’s) leading up to Halloween, and then the day of Halloween its always cold as hell.

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I have never done trick or treating! It’s not a big tradition in Portugal, but I’m guessing it would be fun!

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I grew up in Denver, Colorado, and it was always a toss up whether it would snow on Halloween and Easter.

I remember at least one year we went out in a soft snowstorm (not blizzard) and another year was so warm, there were people having their final bar b cue of the year.

When I was a teen, all my Halloweens were spent participating in our church festival, getting it set up, running the booths, and cleaning up afterwards. We often spent a whole weekend in the church, camping out.

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Yeah when I was a kid we went even if it was raining.

As the adults would say “a little water won’t hurt you. It’s not like you’re going to melt.”

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It’s usually snowed by then, here in Alaska.
Although this year we’ve had a lot of wind, and no snow.

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