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Who would be your favourite past/present TV cops?

Asked by ucme (45340points) November 1st, 2012

I’m sure this was asked before, but it’s not telling me as much, so on we plod.
Yeah, it’s fairly “back to basics” stuff, but that’s never stopped me before & by gum…’s not going to stop me now!

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I used to like Baretta before Robert Blake was known as a total nut case.

I liked Charlies’ Angels.

I loved CHIPs. I was a big Erik Estrada fan (can you tell I grew up in the 70’s?).

I also used to like Adam 12.

Now, as an adult, I appreciate Columbo. Bumbling, forgetful, seemingly inadequate, yet he figures them out every time.

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I always liked the crew of Barney Miller.

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I guess I’m not a big “cop” fan. I usually root for the bad guys.

Closest thing to a cop that I like; Rooster Cogburn, Wyatt Earp.

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Police Academy and Reno

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Mike of “Molly and Mike”.

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@chyna, I love that show.

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Starsky and Hutch

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The Don Johnson character in Miami Vice. Too cool for school!

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I like Stabler and Benson on Law and Order SVU. :)

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It just hit me. Without any doubt, my favorite television police officers are Marshal Matt Dillon and Sheriff Andy Griffith.

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I liked everyone on Barney Miller, especially Deitrich

Serious cop shows? Lennie Briscoe on Law and Order

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Helen Mirren as DCI Jane Tennison in Prime Suspect

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Joe Friday of Dragnet. The names have been changed to protect the innocent..

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Debra Morgan, Dexter. She became my new favorite tv character thanks to her superb acting during the current season.

Lieutenant Jim Dangle is my favorite tv cop that makes me giggle.

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That dude from NYPD Blue, who’s ALWAYS drinking coffee.

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One of my real favourites at the moment has been The Killing. The Danish version though.

I agree with @Adagio Prime Suspect was good.

I like Waking the Dead too. Which is a British cold case program.

I love Silent Witness but they aren’t police officers.

I used to like Inspector Morse.

Cracker was an excellent crime show but Fitz was a psychologist not a police officer.

I quite like the Law and Order franchise and Criminal Minds too.

I like crime shows… I am going to stop here or this list could get really long.

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Three words my friends. T. J. Hooker.

and how fucking hawt is adrian zmed in that clip, right?

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^oh yeah!

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Shatner’s toupee was nominated for an emmy as best supporting act.
Nobody comes close to Starsky & Hutch….the stench of 70’s after-shave you see.
Cheers folks good stuff.

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