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What should I get my dad for his birthday?

Asked by kimchi (1432points) November 1st, 2012

My parents are divorced, but I don’t know what to get my dad. I don’t have any money. What should I do? I don’t want my mom to find out. My dad is 44 years old. My brother goes to his house, I can ask my brother to give my dad my gift.

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It would help if we knew his age, and yours. How do you communicate with him – letters, phone, e-mail?

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I would think a card and a nice, heartfelt letter would be overwhelming.

How old are you?

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Do you have any favorite photos of the two of you at a happy time or place?

If you can scan it into your computer and enlarge it a bit to maybe 5×7 or so, frames are quite inexpensive, particularly at craft stores.

But a nice color backing mat and you have a nice DIY project for not much money and he will love it.

You could even keep it smaller and get a desk size frame if you really want inexpensive.

Parents love photos of their kids to display and remind them of happy memories.

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Can you & your brother make plans with your dad for lunch or dinner? Parents love spending time with their children.

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The photo idea is nice. Here’s another idea to go with the card. Maybe try your hand at some poetry to let him know how much he means to you. Nothing too sappy but something from the heart.

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Why don’t you want your mother to know? Why does your brother go there and you don’t? What @wundayatta said. If you can’t see or talk to him, something you made, expressly from you will mean the most. I know, because my kids were forbidden to see me for years. It’s very cruel. You are a great kid to think of him, and I can tell you from experience it will make him so so very happy.

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Do you have shop at school? A homemade key rack or other project would be good.

If not, you could make hima paperback book cover with your art on it.

Or a book of coupons you write (or print on the computer) for fun things you and he could do like A game of Catch, a shopping trip to the mall, an outing to the zoo or a park, etc.

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Beard Lube!


beard/mustache comb

I know I’d love either of the two.

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Actually, hahaha… just foumd out my dad is 47….. Just letting you know.

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