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Role Play: Tsunami suicide situation (details inside!)

Asked by _Whitetigress (4362points) November 1st, 2012


So let’s assume there is a giant tsunami. You are on the beach of where this is about to occur. Do you embrace this as you know the chances are slim of escaping and if so, is this suicide?

Or do you try and run away anyhow thus not embracing your fate and acceptance of suicide?

Basically I want to know do you think it is suicide to embrace the tsunami? Or is this foolish and as long as you try to run away, this is trying to live and therefore not suicide?
Is it suicide to embrace the tsunami (Assuming the result will guarantee death)

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Is it suicide to embrace life as it is happening and accept the fact that you are mortal and must deal with the consequences?


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@rojo But don’t we know, this giant mother trucking wave is coming… I better embrace life as it is happening, and get the funk out of here while there’s still a chance? (I’m not sure if I’m bending the rules here, correct me if I’m wrong! Interested to see what others think of the whole situation! :D)

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Seriously? You are on the beach. How fricking fast can you run? Accept your fate. It is not suicide if you did not plan to be there for the very reason of dying in the storm.

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A tsunami comes after me? I’m taking on that mother trucker.

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@Symbeline I have seen your avatar and I believe you could win!

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And I’d still be thirsty afterwards.

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I saw a lot of movies of the tsunami in Bali and a lot of people outran it and made it to safety. I think if you would have started soon enough you could have outrun the one in Japan. But there is no time to spectate, when you see the water going out, turn around and run like hell!!!

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Wave goodbye to your puny existence, frothy mother fucker!!”
That’s what i’d yell, standing there like a brave bastard with a giant absorbant adult nappy/diaper swathed across my loins XD

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What do you think I brought my surf board for?

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Well, I’ve ridden Tropical Storm waves before. It gets scary, feeling the water pulling at you.

A tsunami’s nothing to sneeze at. I would, however, do my damnedest to find somewhere to bunker down where I’d have a chance. Maybe a big-ass rock structure or a tree to climb at the top of a hill. I have no desire to die, and honestly, one of my biggest fears is drowning. I do not plan on going out that way.

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You don’t “outrun” a tsunami.

You may be able to out-climb it, if you can head for high ground quickly. You may be able to find a structure or tree that’s tall enough, built strongly or rooted well enough to stay there while the water rises – and recedes (because you don’t want to survive the flood and then be swept out to sea!), or you may be able to find a boat that will carry you through the flood without capsizing or being dashed against something else.

But if you do manage all of that, and don’t have any fresh water to drink (or cover from the sun or rain and cold weather – because a tsunami won’t care whether you’re in a tropical paradise in summer or one of the Aleutian Islands in winter) for the days following the event and while waiting for your individual rescue (especially if you were on the boat that floated through the flood and then was carried back out to sea), then you’ll die an even worse death from exposure and/or dehydration.

I’d still try to survive, but nothing beats preparation.

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As long as I could still breathe I would fight to survive. But as^^ pointed out, knowledge is the best tool for survival. If you’re near the ocean know what it’s doing. When I saw the water going out, and people walking down to see why, I knew they were toast. If it goes out like that, it’s coming back big time.

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I would stand with @Symbeline. I’d look for something that floats and take the biggest breath I could swallow. I would fight that wave to the end.

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I’m an adventurous type. I’d probably end up running out of sheer instinct, after I experienced the magnitude of the incoming wave. lol
I might opt for suicide, just sit on the beach, eat a couple happy brownies, marvel at the forces of nature and blissfully surrender. Of course, just my luck I’d end up being eaten by a great white before I was drowned.

Then, after digesting my remains the shark would be inadvertantly stoned and he would then get some serious shark munchies. haha
Personally I’d rather die in a Tsunami than have my eyes poked out with a stick by some serial killer. ;-)

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We can speculate, but I don’t think anyone can know until faced with that decision… like those who chose to jump from the twin towers rather than be consumed by smoke and fire. Such a horrible choice to face.

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@hearkat Agreed, but it’s fun to run with the humorous hypotheticals. ;-)

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