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Is there any real way to get rid of cellulite?

Asked by sfgal (280points) June 5th, 2008

I’m a young, healthy woman who eats well and works out regularly. I’m in good shape and recently ran a 12kilometer race. And yet, my thighs and butt – lots of cellulite. The fat is getting more, um, dimpled as I get older, even though I’m working out more often, and I’m starting to get self conscious about it even though I generally feel good about my body. My mom is the same way, but I always assumed that was because she never goes to the gym. I recently lost some weight but even though my thighs got smaller they are still…well…bumpy. Is this just genetic? Are there specific excercises that would get rid of it?

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judochop is not paying attention/being unfair/is not well-informed. Let us await an
authoritative answer from shilolo.

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eat less move more is a jokeand a skit that was done on mad tv when one asked this very same question. It was a joke. And with all do respect your answer has nothing to do with anything so please instead of trying to make a fight leave all the bs to the comments under my profile.

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Um, thanks, susanc, I guess? With that intro aside, I will say that even though I am a doctor, I don’t have too much experience dealing with cellulite issues, since my specialty is HIV-Infectious Diseases. According to WebMD, cellulite is difficult to eradicate, even with exercise and dieting. Now, I am always a proponent of vigorous cardiovascular exercise (which you seem to do) as well as eating a balanced diet (nothing crazy: not Atkins, South Beach, whatever). This article seems to summarize much of the information about beating cellulite, including information about a calorie restricted diet and specific exercises.

I will say however, that I understand that liposuction has its proponents. However, a quick google search found a lot of people who refute the ability of liposuction/sculpture to truly get rid of the fat. Sorry to be so wishy-washy on the subject, but it just isn’t my forte. Good luck.

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Sorry judo, didn’t know it was a joke, seemed like a slam. My mistake. Shilolo, hope
I didn’t put you in an awkward positoon – if so you handled it responsibly. I knew you would.

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cellulite is not just fat, though? It is how it expresses itself through the skin, right? I have seen some smooth people with their share of fat and almost skinny people with the dimpled skin in obvious areas.

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I haven’t read all the responses, so I’m not sure if this was already mentioned. But have you tried endermologie? This was basically invented for people like you. Who are fit and active, but can’t get rid of cellulite, which is a result of many things…genetics, eating habits, and basically just the way your body stores fat in certain areas. I highly recommend you look into this, I don’t think it’s very expensive, you might have to go for a series of sessions, but I think it will be worth it. And whatever you do, do NOT get lipo, that will only make it worse, if any plastic surgeon tells you it will make it better, then they are a crook. Besides, it doesn’t sound you have a weight issue or any excessive fat in any areas, just the way your body is storing the fat. Body wraps is another way that might possibly help, but not as effective. Good luck :-)

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