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How do I save a ringtone attached to a text, to my iphone?

Asked by MissCindy (40points) November 2nd, 2012

I get text from my daughter who sends me neat sounds or ringtones. How can I save the sound in my iPhone to use that sound later?

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I’ve never messed around with ringtones on the iPhone, but I’m pretty sure you’d have to transfer the files from the email into iTunes on your computer… I don’t think it can be done right on the iPhone itself. Perhaps there’s an app that would allow it though.

Do you know what file format the ringtones are? Searching the web for that file format as “importing __ ringtones to iPhone” will likely yield some forums or guides that can help. If it’s from your daughter, doesn’t she know how to do this?

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Yes, some phones are very easy to download new ringtones. The iPhone works differently; and I have only seen the option to add ringtones to the iPhone the way music is added through iTunes. You may need to go the the Apple support people in person, on the web, or call them for advice.

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Oh. I was afraid of that. One friend suggested asking a teenager, who has an iPhone. I have not seen a teen with an IPhone. But from what I have heard, visiting the Apple people would be the way to go. Ok, anyone with Apple in here? lol

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