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Asked by ebenezer (1459points) June 5th, 2008 from iPhone

what does it mean when beers (bud light I noticed specifically tonight) advertise “superior drinkability”? The most “drinkable” substance I know of is water. Is this real terminology?

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welcome to the world of spin and marketing.

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Apparently plain water isn’t drinkable enough, so now we have flavored water, vitamin water, oxygenated water, blah, blah, blah…

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It depends for me, for example:
if it’s Sunday’s football, game beer is way more drinkable than anything!!!

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Drinkability, ha! Anti-freeze has drinkability but I wouldn’t recommend anybody drinking it. Just another Madison avenue BS word.

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shilolo- where can I get some oxygenated water? Now that sounds drinkable!

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Drinkability is to beverage marketing as Plumpness and crinkles are to cosmetics marketing…........all a load of BS to make it seem big and clever (and despite that, I still end up buying the things!!)

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Don’t feel bad. We all do.

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@ebenezer. Ask and ye shall receive. I am by no means a proponent of this scam. Its all bullshit. Your blood is already fairly saturated with oxygen, so even if your gut absorbs a bit more O2, it wouldn’t really have any noticeable effect.

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shilolo- alas, you are correct. More bologne. I will stick to regular oxygenated hydrogen for major thirst quenching.

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budlight and anti-freeze have just about the same drinkability.

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I don’t think that your car’s radiator would agree.

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my kidneys stopped talking to me…..

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I assume “drinkability” = closeness in flavor to water. We are talking about American Macrobrews, after all.

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Drinkability means as inoffensive to the majority of consumers as possible. This is the mantra that Anheisher-Busch has profited from and they do it well. Provide a cheap beer with no “offensive” beer-like flavors and the masses will consume it.

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water is good and it cool you down….......................

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