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Is this a dead pan comedian or for real?

Asked by flo (10479points) November 2nd, 2012

I think she is trying to be funny dead pan style because even after he explained it to her she continued, so I’m thinking she just joking around. Do you think it is for real?
Here is the video.

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Haha! This cracked me up, that’s all I know. I’d hope this was meant as a joke, but some people really are that stupid, so who knows?

Have you listened to the 911 call from the cop that made pot brownies with weed he had confiscated, got high, and thought that time had slowed down and he was dead? Good stuff, good stuff.

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A cop?? Scary.

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You can catch her laughing herself a couple times. That was pretty funny. Here is the cop one .
I’ve never been nearly as high as I’ve gotten from eating weed. It’s really easy to over do it and just be like OHHHHHHHHHH SHITTTTTTTTTT lol

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I thought I heard a bit of a stifled chuckle in there too. The cop sounds just fine, the way he talks.

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@flo He is fine, he’s just high as hell.

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@uberbatman I don’t know I thought he would sound off somehow slurred or something.

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@flo nah not always. I dont ever slur or have any sort of speech impediment when high. I slur when I drink :P He definitely sounds really high though.

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@uberbatman I would have never guessed that he was under any influence until he said “we’re dead” or something.

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And they say it is harmless.

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@flo It is. You would have to consume you’re body weight in marijuana for it to get close to any actual overdose. Thing is when you eat it you just get WAY WAYYYYY higher than you would if you smoked it. Some people can’t handle it and lose their shit. These two were also clearly inexperienced with the drug.

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Im sorry this is turning into a marijuana discussion, I didnt mean to derail your thread….

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No problem it is in Social.

At 1.16 she says “So irresponsible of us”, there is a chuckle in there.

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The only reason I think it’s for real (she really was that stupid) is because there really was no benefit to her, financially or otherwise) so if she were merely pretending, why go through all the trouble and ridicule which followed in it’s aftermath?

Did you also listen to the follow-up one titled “Donna The Deer Lady, The Rest of The Story”?

When you end up with neighborhood kids flooding your mailbox with photos of Deer Crossing signs and all your co-workers thinking you’re a total moron, what’s the upside here.

But, then again it might have all just been an elaborate hoax concocted by the radio station for the sake of publicity. Hmmm….

This needs more research.

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Ok here’s my ammended reaction.

I think it’s a hoax because there is a complete absence of a verifiable address or phone number for “Donna”.

How did her “co-workers” or neighbors know it was her? We only have her comments on that to to by. With all the publicity that the YouTube video generated, I’m sure that there were plenty of written and TV news organizations eager to do an interview with her. There’s a total absence of any interviews other than the radio station clips. In this day and age, it’s hard to believe that no newshound has been able to locate her.

Another interesting tidbit is that about a year ago, a real verifiable man wrote a letter to his local newspaper with the exact same complaint (obviously tongue in cheek) as he said he just wanted to get a rise put of people.

His letter was features on The Jay Leno show in a segment reading various small town news oddities.

George Takei gave it further exposure on his Twitter feed.

The guys at the radio station are very media savvy so it’s highly likely they encountered this story and just gave it a little twist as a caller named “Donna”.

And when it’s done well, it is indeed hilariously funny. I loved it.
It definitely garnered a lot of publicity for them and I’m sure they added some listeners.

So, she is a really good deadpan comedian. As was the late great Gracie Allen of Burns and Allen fame. She was one of the smartest and most believable “ditzheads” and set the gold standard for the category.

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@Buttonstc I agree that is more likely to me too. So funny. Radio stations do all kinds of attention garnering activities. I love Gracie Allen.

By the way, Do you happen to remember a comedienne “Why do people try to swat the fly? “The fly knows where to be, it is called a “house fly” (from the 90’s I think)

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I don’t remember that specific quote but it has a Rita Rudner type of feel to it.

Is that the one you had in mind?

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No I know it is not her but I think she is a red head.

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I hadn’t read the “The Rest of the Story”.

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After you watch the first YT clip, it should come up in the list of suggested related clips which pops up.

Look down to around the middle of the list.

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I did read it after your first answer. Thanks @Buttonstc

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