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I am wanting simple and blank sweaters in different colors got any recommendations?

Asked by _Whitetigress (4362points) November 2nd, 2012

Any brand will do

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I got a couple of sweaters that were just plain at Anne Taylor Loft last year.

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If you want them completely blank you can only buy beige or white. lol
Try Target stores, if you have them. Maybe you can find one design in multiple colors and buy about 7 of them and you will be set for the year.

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Lands End – they always have 30% off and free shipping. Their quality is decent – not too expensive, not cheap either.

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Blank? Do you mean solid colors rather than a pattern or design? I’ve never heard them called that before.

I’ve bought some nice men’s pullovers from L.L. Bean and Lands’ End. The Woolrich calalog looks pretty decent, too, although I don’t think I’ve ever ordered from them. Are you looking for men’s or women’s, and pullovers or cardigans?

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Eddie Bauer also sells men’s v-necks and crew-necks in solid colors, if that is what you are referring. What about material? Cotton, merino, cashmere, fleece?

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Yes, I am also not sure what you mean by “blank sweaters.” Do you just mean, as @Jeruba asked, sweaters that are simply a solid color, without a pattern of any sort, like a sweater that is just blue, or red, or yellow, or green?

Solid color sweaters shouldn’t be that hard to find. There have been good suggestions so far, LL Bean, Lands End, Eddie Bauer, even Target. Do you want wool sweaters, cotton sweaters, acrylic? V-necks, pullovers, cardigans?

I suppose whatever colors you get, they should match what you already have that you want to wear them with. I don’t know if you wear pants or skirts, or both, but if you have black pants, skirts, and blue jeans you can wear just about any color sweater with those. Black or blue on the bottom, skirt or pants and just about anything on the top, any color on top, blouse, sweater, anything. It simplifies your wardrobe immensely.

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H&M sells lots of basic sweaters in many colours.

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Land’s End, L.L. Bean, Dress Barn occasionally has nice 100% cotton sweaters in many colors, with nice edges that make them suitable for work, so I’ll get a few in different colors.

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